• The Indian Navy works for the country’s defense and merchant navy business
  • There are many similarities between the two.
  • The Indian Navy is good in terms of honor, the Merchant Navy is good in salary.

You may have heard the name Merchant Navy along with Indian Navy. These two names are very similar to each other, so many people consider both to be similar. However there is a big difference between the two. Where the Indian Navy works for the defense and security of the country. The job of the Merchant Navy is to transport passengers and goods from one country to another by sea. Through this article, we will give full information about both of them here.

Learn about the Indian Navy

It is one of the three main organs of the Indian Army. The Army’s job is to protect the country by staying on the ground while the Air Force’s job is to protect and monitor the country from the sky. In the same way the job of the navy is to protect and attack the country from the enemies coming from the sea. The navy keeps an eye on enemies and outsiders from maritime borders, where the borders of other countries meet. The Indian Navy is considered to be the fourth strongest navy in the world. It was founded in 1612. The Indian Navy was reorganized in 1950. After which it was named ‘Indian Navy’. The Indian Navy currently has more than 290 ships. With the help of which they maintain the security of the country. The Indian Navy is led by a Commander-in-Chief who is the President of India. The Indian Navy has made the country proud from time to time.

Learn about the Merchant Navy

If we talk about Merchant Navy or Merchant Navy, it is completely different from Indian Navy. It is a commercial area where ships carry goods and passengers from one place to another. Both government and private companies are involved in this work. Which employs people according to fixed time interval contracts. Trainees are needed to do this job. That is why only professionals are employed in this field. The Merchant Navy offers a hefty salary package.

Similarities between Indian Navy and Merchant Navy

The uniforms of the Indian Navy and the Merchant Navy are very similar to each other.

In both the Indian Navy and the Merchant Navy, you have the opportunity to travel around the country and abroad.

In both cases there is a complete digestive tract. At the same time, personnel stationed in both these navies have to spend many months on the ship.

– Candidate should be physically fit like Indian Navy. Similarly in Merchant Navy the candidate should be medically and physically fit.

Candidates skilled in sports and swimming in both Merchant Navy and Indian Navy will be given preference in recruitment.

The difference between the Indian Navy and the Merchant Navy

The job of the Indian Navy is to protect the country’s maritime borders by ships. While Merchant Navy is a commercial, in which goods and passengers are transported by ships from one place to another.

Under the Indian Navy, you are provided with various services like pension, accommodation, health facilities. But no such facility is available in the Merchant Navy.

The Indian Navy has an important place in the security of the country. In which the Merchant Navy is important in the business world. The Indian Navy protects the country by sea. At the same time, the Merchant Navy contributes a lot to the country’s trade.

– Indian Navy where there are permanent jobs. The same is done under the Merchant Navy contract. His contract can last from months to years. In which people are hired as per contract.

The Merchant Navy is ahead in terms of pay. The salary of the Merchant Navy is many times higher than the salary of the Indian Navy.

The Indian Navy is a government job. The same is done by the Merchant Navy mostly private companies. You can get a job here anytime.

You are paid despite taking leave in the Indian Navy. But not so in the Merchant Navy. You get paid as long as you are on the ship.

At the age of 60 you retire from the Indian Navy. While in the Merchant Navy you can continue your work as long as you are healthy.

Officers in the Merchant Navy can keep their family on board. When in the Indian Navy, when you are on the ground, you can keep your family with you, not on the ship.

– For recruitment in Indian Navy, you have to take exams like SSR, AA, CDS, MR, INET and Physical and Mental Strength Test. Likewise, to enlist in the Merchant Navy, you need to have a degree in Marine Engineering from any good university. You can still go here after graduation.

The Indian Navy inspires you with discipline, respect and patriotism. The same Merchant Navy makes you financially strong.

The Indian Navy is considered a respectable business compared to the Merchant Navy. The Merchant Navy is also looked upon with respect, but less so than the Indian Navy.

Merchant Navy and Indian Navy have different ranks. Rank in the Merchant Navy is based on areas of specialization. Rank in the Navy is classified into two parts, recruited personnel and officers.

The Indian Navy defends the country during the war. This same merchant navy works to deliver goods and people to their destination in times of war.

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