Patna: A case of abduction of a girl has been registered against Vinay Bihari, a BJP MLA from Loria, Bihar. The girl’s mother has registered the FIR (Vinay Bihari v. FIR) at the Agamkuan police station in Patna. He said his daughter had left home on February 9 to take the exam but had not returned yet. He has leveled several allegations against BJP MLA Vinay Bihari in the case. However, the Lauria MLA has vehemently denied the allegations against him. Vinay Bihari, who is embroiled in a kidnapping case, may be calling it a conspiracy, but this is not the first time he has been embroiled in controversy.

Ever arrived at the assembly in half-pants-vest
BJP MLA Vinay Bihari has long been involved in controversies. About 5 years ago, during the Bihar assembly session, he arrived wearing half pants and a vest. At that time the budget session of the Legislative Assembly had begun. Meanwhile, the legislators arrived wearing half pants and vests to take part in the proceedings. However, they were not allowed inside the house at that time.

Who is Vinay Bihari, how did he get into politics?
Loria’s BJP MLA Vinay Bihari is often in the headlines. He has also been the former Minister for Arts, Culture and Youth in the Bihar government. He is also known as a well known singer and songwriter. However, he was also accused of writing obscene songs. He once said that he wanted to go to the reality show Bigg Boss. At one point he said in an interview that I still consider myself an artist. I have no interest in politics. I entered politics at the behest of my father.

What is the case related to the abduction of the girl child, in which the FIR took place
A woman who had lodged a complaint against BJP MLA Vinay Bihari in Patna said that five days have passed since her daughter was abducted but nothing has been found so far. He said he received a message after his daughter went missing. In which he was asked to talk to Vinay Bihari. When I spoke to that number, Vinay Bihari said that your daughter is safe and will be home by evening. But it did not happen, when I contacted him again he said I do not know where to go. Police are currently investigating the case.

BJP MLA Vinay Bihari has accused him of conspiracy
At the same time, Vinay Bihari, a BJP MLA from Lauria Assembly constituency, has vehemently denied the allegations against him. “I am not even aware of this. There is definitely a conspiracy against us,” he said. He called the affair with the girl a love affair. It was also said that we on the girl’s side only said that if you want to make a case, do it on the boy’s parents. We are stupid But they sued me for telling someone who was plotting to defame me. The BJP MLA also said that now that the girl has come, the reality will come out.

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