Patna: BJP MLA Vinay Bihari’s troubles are increasing. MLA Vinay Bihari has been charged in the Agamkuan police station in Patna city in connection with the abduction of a girl on Bihari. A case has also been registered against Vinay Bihari’s wife Chanchala Bihari and his wife’s son-in-law under sections 366 and 120 (b) of the IPC in the FIR. In such a situation, the difficulties of MLA Vinay Bihari are increasing. At the same time, the girl has been recovered in this case.

Police personnel kicked the girl out of the police station for questioning

The girl’s mother alleges the girl was abducted. Speaking to reporters, the girl’s mother said that the girl was under pressure from MLA Vinay Bihari. The girl is currently in police custody. However, the girl’s mother was not allowed to meet the girl at first by the police but later she was allowed to meet the girl. When the girl’s mother asked her to go with him, she refused to go. At the same time, the girl’s mother also expressed displeasure over bringing the whole matter before the media. In response to this question, the mother says that when the girl was not found, she was forced to bring the matter before the media. The girl’s mother says the police station is scared of the MLA’s pressure. His daughter Nimisa is not allowed to meet any family members. Asked not to come out in front of the girl, the girl’s mother said that she was under pressure. Media persons were not allowed to meet the same girl and the media persons who went to take the statement were thrown out of the police station. Which raises the question whether the dal is black or the whole dal is black.

Vinay Bihari has been in the headlines before

Vinay Bihari, who once again made headlines after arriving at the assembly wearing half pants, sometimes swore to be half-naked until the road was paved. This time he is discussing the abduction of the girl. He has also been the former Minister for Arts, Culture and Youth in the Bihar government. Recently he also wanted to go on the reality show Bigg Boss. Vinay Bihari said that many people have gone from Bhojpuri cinema to Bigg Boss and I also want to participate in the show. Vinay Bihari is also accused of writing obscene songs.

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