Abhay Singh Rathore, Lucknow: In Uttar Pradesh, where the pace of new corona cases is slowly slowing down, the death toll continues. Nine patients infected with corona died in the state on Friday. At the same time, more than 3800 new cases of corona have been found. More than twice as many patients have been discharged. Fewer cases have been reported since Friday, January 6.

509 cases, 2 deaths in Lucknow
In UP, 3807 cases of corona have been reported in 24 hours. While 9 patients have died, 8817 patients have recovered. In the last 24 hours, Lucknow has recorded the highest number of 509 cases and 2 deaths. At the same time, 213 new cases of corona were found in Jhansi, 217 in Gautam Buddha Nagar, 146 in Varanasi, 145 in Ghaziabad, 127 in Prayagraj and 124 in Meerut. One patient was also reported dead in Prayagraj.

Corona’s case and death in the last one week
Corona cases have dropped over the past week, but the ongoing deaths have raised concerns in the health department. On the 3rd date, where 5316 cases were reported and 23 deaths were reported, while 5541 patients were discharged during this period. On February 2, there were 22 deaths, 5052 new cases, while about 10398 patients were discharged. On February 1, where 4901 cases were reported, there were 26 deaths. During this time 12263 patients were discharged. As of January 31, there were 6,626 cases, but 18 died. Meanwhile, 6946 patients have been discharged in the last one day.

As of January 30, 8100 patients, 26 deaths and 12080 patients were discharged. On January 29, 8338 cases, 25 deaths, 13910 patients returned home after recovery, while on January 28, 7907 cases came in the last 24 hours, 14 deaths during this period, while 14993 patients were discharged. According to a government report, 23,286 people have been killed so far in the state due to corona, with the highest death toll at 6,419 in the capital Lucknow. At the same time, there are 36411 active patients in the state today.

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