About 600 students from Bihar are stranded in Ukraine. At the same time, 20,000 students across the country are being crushed in the war between Ukraine and Russia. All airports and airbases have been destroyed by Russia. The bus and train services have been disrupted on the road. Russian tanks are on the road, students, how to reach 1500 km to the border of Poland and Romania? The problem is that they have run out of food and the Indian embassy has not been in touch for two days.

Talked to the Indian embassy two days ago … then his phone did not respond … now our embassy has also stopped talking to us. What should we do, sir? We are trapped here, help us … This request for help is from a student from Bihar. He says he is running out of food now, but has not yet received any help from India. Shubham says, ‘We have some biscuits, two liters of water and some money. Dried fruits are over, in the morning we somehow drank tea, outside markets are closed. The battery of the mobile is somehow being charged. The local net is working so we can talk to you. Help us. ‘The sound of an explosion is heard periodically
“The situation in Ukraine is getting worse every day. We are in the tunnel. Shubham Mishra said that about 2000 people have taken refuge in a tunnel with him. He is a Ukrainian citizen. Shubham said about the situation in Ukraine that the army has captured the city. Are on the streets.The Russian army cannot risk getting out of the tunnel as it is out. Balls are raining down from the sky.

How will the government get us out, can someone tell me something?
The distance between Romania and Poland in Kharkiv, Ukraine is one thousand to 1500 kilometers. Shubham says, ‘How can such a distance be covered when train and public transport are closed. Shubham says all airbases and airports have been destroyed in the Russian attack, so how will the Indian plane land? If they don’t land, how will they get the students out? ‘

Is the Indian government joking?
Most of the students present in Ukraine say that the embassy has asked them to reach Romania and Poland. Shubham says, ‘Is the Indian government joking with the students trapped here? He spoke to the ambassador three days ago, after which he stopped picking up the phone. The distance between Poland and Romania is 1500 km. In such a situation, when the tanks on the road and the city are under the control of the Russian army, how can it reach about one and a half thousand kilometers? Students say the Indian government should oppose Russia in this.

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