Bhopal: There is panic in Bhoj University (tiger roaming in Bhopal) located in the capital Bhopal. The tiger was spotted on the university campus near Kolar Road. CCTV footage shows the movement of a tiger (a tiger roaming at Bhoj University). A tiger has been spotted roaming around the house of University VC Jayant Sonwallar. After this, VC’s family is in panic. CCTV footage has been handed over to the Forest Department team (video of a tiger roaming). At the same time, the tiger’s footprint (Bhoj University Breaking News) is nowhere to be seen on campus. But the Forest Department team is vigilant.

A team from the forest department has issued a warning in the area after seeing the movement of tigers. The Forest Department has told them not to go outside alone on campus. Went out in groups on campus. In addition, a team from the Forest Department is installing trap cameras on the university campus. So that the movement of the tiger can be monitored. Leopard and tiger footprints have also been found elsewhere on campus. At the same time, there is a boundary wall around the university campus.

The height of the boundary wall is five to six feet. Forest officials believe that tigers and tigers can easily climb such heights. The DFO of Bhopal Forest Division said it had received CCTV footage from the university. This makes it clear that there is a tiger movement on campus. People need to be careful.

Significantly, Bhoj University is located in the heart of the city. It is a very busy area. Also, there are many residential areas around the university. The movement of the tiger has spread panic among the people around. The relief is that no tigers have been seen on campus since midnight on Saturday. Forest officials speculate that tigers are roaming around to increase rainfall. Tigers have also been spotted on campus in the past.

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