• Delhi’s Kejriwal model was seen in UP’s manifesto
  • 300 units of free electricity and old bills were also promised to be waived
  • Rs. Per month till employment is available. 5000 unemployment allowance

Sandeep Tiwari, Lucknow: There is little time left in the Uttar Pradesh Assembly elections (UP Assembly elections 2022). In such a situation, all the political parties are making all sorts of promises to attract the masses and seize power in UP. The Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) also announced its election manifesto on Thursday after the Congress election manifesto. Only Kejriwal’s model from Delhi has been seen in the manifesto released for UP. In addition to providing 300 units of free electricity, the old domestic arrears bill has also been promised to be waived.

AAP guarantee
300 units free electricity
Old house bills forgiven

Guarantee your education
25% of the budget is spent on education
Bright and better government school than private schools

Guarantee your employment
10 lakh jobs every year
Rs. Per month till employment is available. 5000 unemployment allowance

Guarantee your women empowerment
Each woman will get Rs.1000 per month

Your Farmer Guarantee
Forgive all the old bills.
Guaranteed minimum support price.
All old loans of farmers will be forgiven.
Payment of sugarcane arrears in 24 hours.
All false cases against farmers will be returned.
Payment of sugarcane in 24 hours.
Payment of grain production in 24 hours.

The Congress had issued its manifesto a week ago. One and a half lakh teachers will be recruited in primary schools. 30 thousand vacancies will be filled in secondary schools and 8 thousand vacancies in higher education. 6 thousand doctors, one lakh vacancies will be filled in the police department. 20 thousand Anganwadi workers and 27 thousand Anganwadi assistants, 2 thousand teachers of Sanskrit school, 32 thousand physical education, one product will be cluster by changing the policy of one district.

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