Ara / Buxar: There is a huge craze for elections in Bihar. Everyone wants their man to win, especially in panchayat elections. They feel that if their acquaintances win, their work will be comfortable. There was a huge uproar during the election of ward secretary in Shahpur.

Arrr: Boom during the election of ward secretary in Shahpur
The meeting started for the election of ward secretary of Damodarpur panchayat near Kali Mandir, the public place of the ward. Seeing that the election equation was not in their favor, the ward members were reluctant to come. The panchayat secretary also went out. After which the people who had gathered for the election forced to hold the election. Then a fierce battle broke out between the two sides. Here the women of both the parties also fell in love with each other. Somehow working assistants managed to save lives by hiding in nearby houses. BDO Rakesh Kumar said that preparations are being made to hold the election of ward secretary amidst security.

Buxar: Stealing mother’s eye from Durga temple
Once again in Buxar, the criminals openly challenged the police and snatched the mother’s golden eyes from the Maa Durga temple located in the railway station premises. This day-to-day incident has raised questions about the administration. Because the thieves snatched the eyes of the old mahant in the temple under the pretext of showing agarbatti to mother Durga. It is said that a thief disguised as a devotee came to the temple while the old mahant of the temple was sitting in the temple premises. He fled with a golden eye on the idol of Maa Durga. Police are investigating the case, but there is widespread outrage over the incident.

Arr: Gambling video goes viral in Krishnagarh
A video of gambling is going viral in Balua village in Krishnagarh police station area. It is said that there is an open gambling business in that village. Hundreds of village youths are seen gambling in the wrong company for the sake of money. The video went viral and became a hot topic in the area. Villagers say the matter was reported to the local police several times but no action was taken. The villagers are outraged over the open gambling business in the village. The video clearly shows many people standing in a circle and four or five people sitting there gambling.

Buxar: Ambulance service fails due to lack of diesel
Life-saving ambulance service at Buxar Sadar Hospital has been disrupted due to lack of diesel oil. In such a situation, the patients reaching all the government health centers of the district including the Sadar Hospital are facing severe hardships. Even after calling 102 ambulance service, there is no proper answer. In such a situation the relatives of the patient keep running to the officers. After referring a person to the main hospital, an ambulance was needed to reach the PMCH but he could not get an ambulance. The ambulance did not have oil and the body operating the ambulance was not taking any initiative in this regard. In such a situation the matter reached DPM Santosh Kumar, he too made several attempts and after about an hour somehow the person was somehow sent to Patna. The DPM later said that the matter pertained not only to Buxar but to the whole of Bihar, the concerned agency was messing up.

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