New Delhi: After the current wave of Corona slows down, the gym’s doors will open after about 40 days from Monday on DDMA’s instruction. People are now preparing to go to the gym. Experts have advised people not to do hard core exercises in the gym immediately. If you have recovered from corona, do yoga and exercise at home instead of going to the gym. According to experts, it is important to prepare the body before going to the gym. In addition, care must be taken to protect yourself and others from infection. The gym was also closed in the last two lockdowns. A few days later the gym opened, then people started exercising. Which caused great trouble to the people. People have been injured many times because of the gym. According to health experts, it is winter and more care is needed at this time. During the winter, the body adapts to the lifestyle very quickly. Now all of a sudden doing a tiring workout in the gym can damage body parts.

Take special care if you recover from covid
The cardiologist of Shri Agrasen Hospital, Dr. Dinesh Chandra said that people get deconditioning due to not exercising. In such cases, when people start working out after a long interval, there is immediate pressure on the heart and so on. The first few days should be extended, starting with light exercise. Those who have recovered from covid should take special care. In Kovid it is seen that the blood starts to thicken. Although this time the problem is not so much, but such people should be very careful. Prepare yourself by doing regular exercise, walking, yoga at home. After this, go to the gym when you are comfortable. Such people understand the demands of their body and if possible they can also consult a doctor.

Gym administrators, on the other hand, have also made strenuous preparations. Vikas, managing director of a gym chain in Dwarka, said that people would be able to book their slots by launching the app keeping in mind the safety of the people. This will prevent more people from coming to the gym at the same time. Some special offers are also being offered in non-peak hours so that those who have time can come to the gym during odd hours. Apart from this there will also be a thermal screening before entering the gym.

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