• Must be 6 feet high to join this unit
  • Only Rajput, Jat and Sikh Jat soldiers are selected in this unit.
  • At the time of formation, the unit had only 50 personnel.

You may have seen his bodyguards walking like shadows with the President on Republic Day or any special occasion at Rashtrapati Bhavan. Tall bodies, full-bodied faces, flamboyant dresses and their dexterity grab everyone’s attention. These passionate and attractive jawans are called the President’s Bodyguard i.e. PBG.

Is the first citizen President of India. His position is considered supreme. The President has the rank of Commander-in-Chief and is the head of the country’s three armies, the Indian Army, the Air Force and the Navy. That is why their security is also special. The method of selection of soldiers of this unit is also quite different. Through this article, we will learn here why presidential bodyguards are special and how they are selected.

The best unit of the army protects the president

The President’s Bodyguard (PBG) is the highest unit of the Indian Army. His primary role is to protect the President and to be with him at all times. The unit resides in the Rashtrapati Bhavan. Currently, Jats, Sikhs and Rajputs are given priority in the bodyguards deployed under the protection of the President. These soldiers come from Haryana, Punjab and Rajasthan. Currently, only a handful of soldiers have been selected in the PBG. It consists of four officers, 11 junior commissioned officers (JCOs) and 161 jawans who have administrative support.

Should be 6 feet high

Only soldiers with a height of 6 feet or more are selected for presidential security. They are not paid if they are not 6 feet tall. Before independence this qualification was six feet three inches.

The first bodyguard unit was formed in the year 1773.

The President’s bodyguard, also known as the Presidential Bodyguard or PBG, is about 252 years old. The first bodyguard unit in India was formed in the year 1773. The East India Company at that time recruited European soldiers as infantry in this unit of the country. Warren Hastings was the governor general at the time who created it. For this unit, Hastings selected 50 soldiers from the Mughal House. This was followed in 1760 by Sardar Mirza Shanbaz Khan and Khan Tar Beg. After this King Chait Singh of Benares placed 50 more troops and then the number of units was increased to 100 soldiers. The British may have left after the independence of the country, but this regiment has been doing its job ever since. Formerly for the protection of the Viceroy, he now serves as the President’s bodyguard.

The first commander of the unit was the British

The first commander of the President’s bodyguard unit was a British man named Captain Sweeney Toon. Sweeney was a respected soldier of the East India Company. He was accompanied by Junior Lieutenant Samuel Black. At the time, the unit consisted of captains and paratroopers. The old unit of bodyguards guarding the president consisted of a captain, a lieutenant, four sergeants, six guards, 100 paratroopers, two trumpeters and a wagon driver.

After 2 years of rigorous training, get a place in the unit

This regiment consists of soldiers from different units of the army. Currently all the soldiers involved in this team are receiving special training. They are also proficient in para-tropping in other areas. Being part of this unit is not easy for a new soldier. They are made part of it only after two years of rigorous training. Meanwhile, the jawan presents his sword in front of his commandant, who touches it and the commandant engages him in PBG. Meaning from today my weapon and my life is in your hands. The biggest identity of this unit is their beautiful and strong horses. All the soldiers in this team have mastery in it.

Start the day with horses

The day of PBG soldiers starts with their horses. All of these are testing their endurance with horses as an exercise in going. These soldiers are so adept at their horses that they can ride beautifully at speeds of up to 50 km / h without holding the reins. His sleek face, plump body, his dress are all special.

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