• Hindi medium topper Surabhi was a complete failure in English.
  • On the strength of his hard work, he also topped the board exams in college.
  • Surabhi got 50th rank in UPSC examination.

It is not easy for any young person to pass a competitive exam. For this they have to make many sacrifices along with years of hard work. On the other hand, if you are preparing for UPSC Civil Service Exam, your hard work and difficulty is doubled. It is also difficult to imagine preparing for this exam while living in a village. But one step further from these fantasies, a girl from a rural environment broke all the pre-determined parameters about this exam by passing the UPSC exam. This girl proved with her hard work and dedication the fact that once you are determined, you can make your dream come true.

We are talking about Surabhi Gautam, a resident of Madhya Pradesh, who overcame difficult circumstances and got All India 50th rank in the civil service in the year 2016.

Learn about Surabhi Gautam

Surabhi was born to a lawyer-teacher couple in Amadara, a small village in Satna (Madhya Pradesh). Like other children in the family, Surabhi was admitted to the village government school for primary education. It was a Hindi medium school. Surabhi was very quick to read from an early age, but this was not a special thing for most of the family members. In schools of Madhya Pradesh, there are also board examinations in standard five.

When the fifth result came, the teacher called Surabhi and slapped him on the back and said, ‘You have got 100% marks in mathematics. I have never seen anyone get a hundred out of a hundred in a board exam. You can do much better in the future. ‘ These were magical words for Surabhi, which lingered in her mind for a lifetime. After this Surabhi became more serious towards study. During this time, her joints began to ache frequently, but she continued to ignore them. Gradually the pain spread throughout her body and one day she got out of bed.

Faced with arthritis fever

When Surabhi was in constant pain, her parents took her to Jabalpur. Surabhi has ‘rheumatic fever’, said the specialist doctor there. The disease can damage the heart and in some cases even lead to death. The parents were shocked to hear this. The doctor advised Surabhi to inject penicillin every 15 days. There were no skilled doctors in the village, so Surabhi had to go to Jabalpur every 15 days. But even in the midst of ill health and backwardness, Surabhi did not back down from his studies.

Meanwhile, Surabhi Gautam fought his battle on several fronts simultaneously. Surabhi has got 100% marks in Science along with Mathematics in 10th Board. He was considered one of the brightest students in the state. It was reported in the newspapers at the time that Surabhi wanted to be a collector, but Surabhi had no such idea in mind till that time. However, due to this news, his inclination was towards UPSC.

English became the biggest problem after school to college

After getting good marks in 12th too, he passed the entrance examination of state engineering and got admission in electronics and communications from Bhopal Engineering College. She was one of the best students in her school when she was in government school. When Surabhi left school and reached college, her world changed completely. She was a student of Hindi medium and most of the children here were of English medium.

In such a situation, she initially became a victim of inferiority complex. Till yesterday the girl was sitting on the first seat in her school. Now she was sitting in the back. He felt bad that no one even paid attention to him. But Surabhi is determined to come out of its inferiority complex and re-establish itself. He started working on his English.

Surabhi also spoke in English in her dreams

Troubled by the English language, Surabhi started talking to herself in English to improve her English. Surabhi memorized the meaning of at least 10 words every day. Surabhi wrote the meanings of the words on the walls and repeated them several times a day. She memorized phrases and words she heard from anywhere and worked to improve her English. Surabhi started dreaming in English. Everyone spoke English in their dreams. During this time English had such an effect on his mind that he started talking to himself in English.

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As a result, Surabhi topped the first semester of his graduation and was awarded the College Chancellor’s Award for this. He kept himself away from external greed by working hard on himself. It was always in his mind that he had to fulfill his dreams. During this time, she did not go out to see movies like her other friends. He gave her full time in his studies and he made up his mind that he would return only after doing something.

Surabhi cracked all the exams

During her placement in college, Surabhi got a job with TCS, but did not join. He then took part in many competitive exams like BARC, ISRO, GTE, SAIL, MPPSC, SSC, FCI and Delhi Police and broke them all. At the same time, in the year 2013, Surabhi also passed the IES exam. In this came his All India First Rank. But Surabhi set his own goal of becoming an IAS. So, she continued her preparation and in the year 2016, Surabhi got 50th rank in her first attempt in UPSC exam, which is considered as the toughest in the country. Awakening the candidates preparing for this exam, Surabhi says that there is no language wall, if you are determined it will be under your control.

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