New Delhi: “In the past, startups were encouraged in Bangalore as most of the investors in startups were investing in technology based companies. They thought it was a safe game, but the proliferation of tech companies has led to a kind of inertia in the sector, which has led investors to invest in commodity-based companies as well. With better environment and facilities in Delhi to run both tech and commodity companies, Delhi is now surpassing Bangalore to become the country’s ‘startup capital’.

This is according to Abhinav Bhaskar, who started his own startup ‘Ananta Hemp Works’ in Delhi two years ago, who along with his school friends Vikram Bir Singh and Manvi developed ayurvedic and organic products made from flax seeds. Started a business. His company mainly produces Ayurvedic medicines, skin care products, wellness products, animal care products and nutritional products.

According to Abhinav, the atmosphere in Delhi is very conducive for start-ups. One is the base of all kinds of companies here. In addition, all the Licensing and Approval Authority offices are located here, making it easier to operate. Startups are also getting a lot of encouragement and support from the central and state governments. Entrepreneurship is being promoted especially among the youth, which is also increasing the enthusiasm of the youth and they are getting ready to try something new.

Various schemes are being run for grants to startup companies, loans are being given at cheap interest rates. Startups are getting full support from the government. The area in which Abhinav has started his company is also a new area, whose acceptance and utility is now growing rapidly. He chose this field especially considering the policy of the government to promote Ayurveda and its growing demand among the people. But he also says the government now needs to clarify its policies, rules and guidelines in new areas to promote start-ups so that there are no obstacles at any level in the future.

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