Patna: There is a lot of talk about a marriage in Bihar, which is mired in caste issues. The daughter of Cabinet Minister Ashok Chaudhary and the son of Kishore Kunal, who was a well known IPS, is getting married (Shambhavi and Sayan marriage). Chief Minister Nitish Kumar was also present to bless the engagement of the two. The personal relationships of the two influential families have since become public. When people find out about it through the media, it is getting a lot of praise.

Ashok Chaudhary and Kishore Kunal became friends
Minister Ashok Chaudhary and former IPS Kishore Kunal are now going to take samadhi, only formalities are left. Shambhavi Chaudhary, the eldest daughter of Ashok Chaudhary, is getting married to Sion Kunal, son of Acharya Kishore Kunal. The engagement ceremony is over. The couple is also expected to get married in December this year. Although their children’s marriages have taken place in two influential families, there is nothing special about them at first sight. But this marriage will look very special when you look at the species. In Bihar even today man is identified by his caste (in most cases). Politics is done in the name of caste. Votes are sought and given according to caste. Importance is given to jobs and employment according to caste. Castes are involved in many other things. But here we are talking about the marriage of Ashok Chaudhary’s daughter and Kushore Kunal’s son.

Shambhavi-Sion’s love story will change in the relationship

Indeed, the new thing in this is that the marriage of the daughter of Ashok Chaudhary of Pasi (Dalit) Samaj is going to take place with the son of Kishore Krunal of Bhumihar (Savarna) Samaj. Kishore Kunal has been a well known IPS officer. Nowadays he is engaged in serving the people through Hanuman Mandir Trust and Mahavir Group Hospital. Acharya Kishore prefers to call himself Kunal. Well, two marriages are considered a reunion of two hearts and two families. But this marriage is also going to be a reunion of two castes (Savarna-Dalit). Ashok Chaudhary has three daughters, of whom Shambhavi is the eldest. Shambhavi, a Bachelor of Economics, is currently pursuing a PG. While Sion Kunal, son of Acharya Kishore Kunal is a law graduate. According to sources, the two have been friends since the time of the study. Now this friendship is about to change into a relationship.

Minister Ashok Chaudhary did the same Love marriage

By the way, Ashok Chaudhary himself has been a very progressive thinker. They had a love marriage at a time when ‘various castes’ were firing shots in the name of marriage. Ashok Chaudhary’s wife Nita Chaudhary belongs to the Savarna (Kayastha) family. Ashok and Nita first met instead of a common friend. Then the conversation started slowly and the love affair lasted for about six years. The two tied the knot in the seventh year. It is said that the two fell in love at first sight. After that Ashok Chaudhary did not enter politics. He was identified as the son of Congress leader Mahavir Chaudhary. There were no plans to enter politics. Most of the time he lived in Delhi instead of Patna.

Famous and successful people will mirror society
Famous and successful people are role models for any society. Kunal and Chaudhary’s family is a mirror for society, where two promising members of the Savarna and Dalit families are going to tie the knot. Recently, Tejaswi Yadav, the Leader of the Opposition in Bihar, set an example by interfaith marriage. Love is the only ‘weapon’ that can guide society. Able to break stereotypes.

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