Arjun Arvind, Kota. Bharatiya Janata Party state president Satish Poonia on Sunday launched a scathing attack on the Congress. Poonia made a very controversial attack on her political rivals. He said that Congress party is not the same as BJP’s shoes. The Congress imitates the BJP and it will take seven births to imitate the Congress. Poonia made the statement on the question of organizing a camp after a meditation camp with BJP MLAs.

Poonia’s attacks on the Congress are not taking the name of stopping
Poonia had recently taken a vow on the UP tour, which was slammed by the Congress. He said he would not wear a turban until a BJP government was formed in Rajasthan. Don’t even have dinner at night. Poonia said the Congress party was copying. Cut, copy and paste. He also needs an ax. In the same way that the Congress party is encamping MLAs to run the House as a show, their executive committee for the block and district has also been formed.

See what the Rajasthan BJP president said now

Congress will have to take seven births to imitate BJP
The state BJP president said that earlier he was advising us, but he would have to take seven births to imitate BJP. They are not even the shoes of the Bharatiya Janata Party. The way the Congress party organization works. Congress has been doing votebank, cult and religion politics for many years. Only fraud is taking place in the name of the organization.

Hopalo on Satish Poonia’s statement, Congress workers showed black flags
At the same time, after this statement of Satish Poonia, the anger of the Congress workers erupted. He performed when he returned to Jaipur from Satish Punia’s quota. Congressmen surrounded Poonia’s convoy on the Bundi Highway and displayed black flags. The BJP is also angry over the incident and the season is on the rise.

Poonia had targeted the Congress
At the same time, while commenting, Poonia also said that the Congress party was worried that Congress MLA Bharat Singh would ever write a letter. Sometimes Ram Narayan Meena will raise the issue against the government in the assembly. Some issues will be raised by Dipendra Singh Shekhawat. Although Hemaram has now become a minister in the government, he was sitting on a picket against the government. There is a long list of such legislators. That is why they need to worry instead of thinking. Arriving on a quota tour, Poonia expressed grief over the demise of former MP Brijraj Singh.

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