If you are interested in photography or photography then you must know Imagesbazaar.com website. You can buy and sell photos here. The website currently has millions of subscribers in over 30 countries. Today we are going to tell you the success story of Sandeep Maheshwari, the founder and CEO of this website. Learning from his own failures, the success he has achieved after the struggle is itself a motivating story. This is the reason why today he is considered as the motivation icon of Indian youth. He encourages young people through his motivational seminars and inspiring videos.

Faced with financial problems in childhood

Sandeep Maheshwari was born into a middle class family. His father Roop Kishore Maheshwari had an aluminum business. While Sandeep was studying, his father’s aluminum business was shut down for some reason. Due to which the financial condition of the family started deteriorating. Due to which Sandeep started studying after 12th standard as well as job. He had a small job as well as a B.Com from Kirori Mall College, but due to poor financial condition of the family he had to drop out in the middle of his studies.

There was a lot of struggle in the early stages

Sandeep was in 10th standard when his father’s business was closed. After the business closed, his father opened a PCO shop, where Sandeep worked. He then set up a liquid shop at home, which he sold at home. The money he got from this work was used to run the house. However, this work did not last long and was stopped.

After this Sandeep wanted to make a career in the world of modeling. However, even here, Sandeep did not have much success. Here he saw that many young people are struggling in this field, so he thought why not work to encourage them. After which he changed his target and started encouraging people based on his experience. During this time he also started experimenting with photography.

Opened his own company

Sandeep was not ready to give up even after continuous failures in every field. It is owned by Audio Visual Pvt. Ltd. He started the company by name, but here too he failed. After a while it also had to stop. Her friend then asked her to join a multinational marketing company. Even after working for a few days, Sandeep did not feel well and had to leave. After this Sandeep started a company in the year 2002 with 3 of his friends. He hoped that this time he would succeed.

But this company could only run for 6 months. “I was very upset after these failures,” Sandeep said in an interview. Because in everything I do I get nothing but failure. He had a big family responsibility. She was the eldest in her family and had a younger sister.

Enter the world of photography

Sandeep Maheshwari has been interested in photography since the time of modeling. Whenever his mind was restless, he would take a camera and go out for photography. He kept the photos stored. In 2003, he took more than 10,000 different photos of 122 models in 10.45 hours. This time he set a world record. His name has been entered in the Limca Book of World Records. This time he found success in this work. He was very happy with his successful endeavor. From here he decided to pursue a career in photography.

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Founded Imagesbazaar.com website

After this world record, Sandeep Maheshwari decided to start his own company. He created a website called Imagesbazaar.com. Initially it did not have much success with this website, as at that time this website had less photos. Initially, Sandeep used to post photos of Indian models and Indian photographers. Over time, he continued to improve the design of this website. He started working on it day and night. After which he also started posting photos of world wide models in this website.

There are millions of photos in the image market today. He started the company at the age of 26 and at the age of 29 Sandeep Maheshwari became one of the famous young entrepreneurs of India. Today Sandeep Maheshwari inspires many people. Inspires them to move forward. It gives courage and motivation to those who fail. Imagesbazaar.com is the result of the hard work of Sandeep Maheshwari.

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