War is raging between Russia and Ukraine. Meanwhile, a Russian girl has married a thief from Indore. The couple has decided to get married according to Hindu customs. The court marriage took place on February 24 in Indore. After winning her husband’s heart, the Russian girl is trying to win the love of her mother-in-law. The mother-in-law has started liking the bread made by Vahu. At the same time, Elena Barolsev of Russia is learning Hindi to understand family members. Alina and Rishi Varma first met in Petersburg. The visit later turned into love.

Elena is from Russia

Elena Barkolsiev, a resident of Russia, became the bride of Indore after a court marriage with Rishi Verma on February 24. The marriage between Russia and Ukraine has been the subject of much debate. Ali has been living with her in-laws for the last two months. The love story began in St. Petersburg when Elena Barkolsevo and Rishi Verma, a young chef from Indore, first met. The conversation between the two started under the pretext of taking a photo outside the discussion.

Proposed on video call

After meeting in 2019, the two started talking on the phone. Meanwhile, Rishi Verma from Indore proposed to Alina Barcolesiv on a video call. Ali too could not refuse the sage’s offer and he agreed. Alni arrived in Indore in December 2021. After this the family members started preparing for the wedding. The couple had a court marriage on February 24. Now after a few days of fanfare, both will take seven rounds.

The couple will tie the knot in December

At the same time, speaking to the media, Rishi Verma and Alina have said that we will both get married in the month of December according to Hindu customs. Just got married in court. Ali lives at the sage’s house in Indore. Family members also get along. She is also helping with Ali’s family work. He also helps his mother-in-law in the kitchen.

As soon as he got the visa, he came to Indore

After love, 30-year-old Rishi Verma and Elena decided to get married. The flight was canceled due to Corona. Ali waited for so many days. After this, in December 2021, Alina got a visa to come to India from Russia. Ali reached Indore in December 2021. After this she started living in the house of a sage. Elena loves South and North Indian dishes. She is also learning to speak Hindi.

Mother-in-law liked bread

Ali is now reunited with Rishi’s family members. He also helps in family work according to Indian tradition. She also goes to work in the kitchen mother-in-law. He also learned to make Indian food. Alina’s mother-in-law Suman Verma told the media that she makes good bread. I like his food. At the same time, they both deal with their confidence as they choose to embark on their play activities.

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