Madhya Pradesh’s largest Mohniya Tunnel: In the last few years, many tunnels have been built inside the country, which has been much discussed. Similarly, a tunnel is being constructed by cutting a mountain in Rewa district of MP. Its name is Mohnia Tunnel. The construction of this tunnel will reduce the distance between Reva and Sidhi. There are many features of this tunnel being constructed in Mohniya valley. No such tunnel has been built in MP till date. In such a situation the people of the state are very much interested to know about the tunnel. The tunnel will be equipped with all modern facilities. 100 CCTV cameras are being installed inside the tunnel for surveillance. Let us show you the features of this tunnel through pictures.

Construction of tunnel at a cost of Rs

The longest tunnel in the state being constructed in Mohniya valley is now going to be completed in a few days. Due to the hilly road directly connecting Rewa, people used to get into accidents every day. As well as the road built in the mountains was more winding. Which took a lot of time. With the help of the central government, NHAI is constructing the largest tunnel in the state. The construction has been embodied by Dilip Buildcon Company. The cost of this tunnel is Rs 1004 crore. Construction of the tunnel started in the year 2018 and is expected to be completed by December 2022.

This tunnel is sixlane

For the first time in the state, a six lane tunnel is being constructed. It has many features that set it apart. Above the tunnel is a road and a canal. Inside the tunnel, lights are installed every 20-30 meters so that there is plenty of light inside. An alarm system has also been installed so that the control room can get immediate information in case of an accident.

13 km long road with tunnel

The specialty of this tunnel is that the canal aqueduct of Bansagar project from Madhya Pradesh to Uttar Pradesh is also located at the top of this tunnel. There is also a road through which people still go straight to Reva. It is a 2.28 km tunnel with 13 km of roads, the work of which is nearing completion. The tunnel will start from Good Badwar in Rewa district and end at Churhat in Sidhi district, which has a length of 2.28 km.

The Ranchi-Rewa road will be directly connected

With the completion of this tunnel, the Reva-Ranchi NH-39 route will be directly connected to each other. It will also increase the convenience of the people. Trees and shrubs were not cut down during the construction of the tunnel. Which does not cause any harm to the environment. Officials said its construction would reduce the mountain winding route by 7 km.

Features of the tunnel

At the same time, both tunnels are 13-13 meters wide and 6-6 meters long. This will not cause any problem to the trucks loaded with goods. The walls are being made waterproof to prevent seepage. This tunnel can be used for the next 100 years. Along with this a separate control room will be created for this. The NHI team will provide relief to the people in a few minutes after the accident. There will be six interconnected places inside the tunnel. Which will also allow people to take a U-turn.

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