Reva: Lokayukta (Lokayukta raids Govindgarh police station) has carried out a major operation in MP’s Rewa district. Govindgarh police station in-charge and two constables have been arrested for taking bribe of Rs 6,000 (SHO and two constables arrested with bribe). A sub-inspector posted at his police station has also been involved in the Lokayukta’s proceedings. Rewa SPA has suspended all three following the proceedings. The move has shaken Rewa.

Lokayukta MP Gopal Dhakad is leading the ongoing proceedings in Rewa and Shahdol divisions. In another major operation within a week, Govindgarh police station in-charge Virendra Singh Parihar, head constable Babua Singh and constable Rajkumar were caught red-handed taking a bribe of Rs 6,000. A 20-member team of Lokayukta has launched an operation at the police station.

Indeed, the plaintiff Munish Kumar Patel had lodged a complaint with the Lokayukta SP. The complaint said that the in-charge of Govindgarh police station and two policemen were demanding ₹ 6000 per month in return for leaving the commercial vehicle area. The Lokayukta police had conducted an investigation based on the complaint of the complainant. Today, a 20-member team led by Lokayukta Deputy Superintendent of Police Praveen Singh Parihar arrested Thanedar and a police constable after plaintiff Munish Kumar Patel paid a bribe of Rs 6,000 at the police station.

The proceedings of Lokayukta are still going on in Govindgarh Rest House. In fact, three months ago, at the same Govindgarh police station, the then station in-charge Surendra Singh Baghel, along with a sub-inspector, was apprehended by the Lokayukta police. Another station in-charge has been arrested for taking bribe for the second time in three months. Most interestingly, Sub-Inspector Rituka Shukla posted at the police station along with the Lokayukta team conducted the operation.

At the same time, Rewa’s SP Navneet Bhasin has suspended all three. He said that this has tarnished the image of the police department among the people.

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