Lucknow The budget before the Uttar Pradesh Assembly elections did not live up to the expectations of the people. People are welcoming discounts, but expectations were high. However, the Union Finance Minister said that this budget would lay the foundation for the next 25 years. The budget promises 16 lakh jobs. Customs duty has been imposed on gems and jewelery. Corporate taxes have been reduced. There is talk of digital technical education for the youth. It also aims to expand the scope of housing and drinking water schemes. Even so, owning one is still beyond the reach of the average person.

UP has assembly elections, so it will be important to see how the people of the state view this budget. The reaction of the people of the state to the budget is mixed. Some people consider budgets far from ordinary people. At the same time, the reaction of a large number of people to the non-increase in income tax payments in the budget has been disappointing. Ordinary people, small traders and job seekers had hoped that they would get some relief in the budget this time, but it did not happen.

The income tax slab had to be changed
Sajal Tiwari of Benaras says the budget slab should be changed. Failure to do so has increased the burden on the middle class. We assumed that it would grow. He said mobiles need to be made cheaper. Online classes for children are on. The local shopkeeper said many items were not discounted. Because of the cheapness of mobiles, people will not get more with the advent of 5G. Arun Kumar Yadav said that what was expected from the budget has not been met.

Hope unfulfilled yet relief budget
The traders of Gorakhpur said that our hopes of annual income remained unfulfilled even this time. At the same time, the budget allows for a two-year exemption from paying income tax, which is news of relief. Earlier we had to pay a fine. People also hailed the digital currency initiative as a good move. At the same time, people said that this budget would have a positive impact on the Indian economy.

There is no talk of tackling inflation in the budget
Ajit Singh Bagga, president of the Varanasi Chamber of Commerce, said in Lucknow that the common man did not understand how he got relief from the budget. Neither the traders nor the general public understood the benefits, so that inflation could be reduced. Ease of filing income tax returns. Many plans are being talked about, but they are being made for profit. The general public will not succeed in fighting inflation. The traders and the general public supported the government, but no action was taken by the government in the interest of the general public.

Lucknow’s CS Sudeshna Basu said the situation seems to be changing at the rate of growth. A better situation would have been created if the package had been given to the traders. However, the middle class has no problem paying taxes. There is a lot of development work going on today. If the government is working in such a situation then we also have no problem in paying taxes.

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