Jaipur: The state’s old sex scandals have come to the fore after a conspiracy was hatched to lure Rajasthan Revenue Minister Ramlal Jat into a honeytrap. Although there have been several cases of honeytrap in Rajasthan, there have been three such cases in the last few years, which has caused an earthquake in the politics of Rajasthan. Leaders caught up in sex scandals lost ministerial posts and even went to jail.

Ajmer girls college sex scandal became famous across the country
In the year 1992, a big sex scandal broke out in a famous girls college in Ajmer. The scam was started by the then president of Ajmer Youth Congress, Farooq Chisti. Along with Farooq, Youth Congress leaders Nafees Chisti and Anwar Chisti were also present. First made a pornographic video by raping a student. The student’s girlfriend was then forced to fall into bed. Indecent videos and photographs of the student were taken. The student also threatened to make the pornographic videos and photos public, forcing the student to have sex with her friends at the farmhouse.

More than 100 female students were exploited, 4 female students committed suicide
One by one, 100 students were forced to have sex by Farooq Chisti and his gang members. All the students were called on different days and different pornographic videos and photographs were taken. Continued exploitation threatening to make pornographic videos and photos viral. Fed up with poverty, one student committed suicide. After this the matter came before the media and the levels of this disgusting chapter began to open. The victim students belonged to a respectable family. Many of the students were daughters of big businessmen, IAS and IPS. The case was registered at Alwar Gate police station in Ajmer. 4 students committed suicide for fear of insults.

The Bhanwari Devi incident in 2011 caused a political earthquake
In 2011, the then Congress government’s Water Resources Minister Mahipal Maderna and a nurse came across an obscene CD. Nurse Bhanwari Devi had planned to extort crores of rupees from Mahipal Maderna after making an obscene CD. For this he also hatched a whole conspiracy by some intermediaries. Meanwhile, Sagarito of the leaders kidnapped Bhanwari Devi on the pretext of taking money in exchange for a ladder and later killed her and burnt her body. After the disappearance of Bhanwari Devi, the ladder was seized by some people and the handiwork of the then Water Resources Minister Mahipal Maderna was exposed through the media. Mahipal Maderna was arrested by the police following a report by Bhanwari Devi’s husband. More than a dozen accused, including former MLA Malkhan Singh Bishnoi, were arrested. Mahipal Maderna had to spend ten years in jail. Mahipal Maderna has been out on bail for the last few days due to illness. He died in the process.

Jat politics in Marwar was hit hard
The Maderna family was a strong pillar of Marwar politics. Mahipal Mader’s father Parasram Mader had good relations with the Gandhi family. Parasram Maderna first became an MLA in 1957. The big face of Jat politics in the state was established in the form of Parasram Mader. He was a member of Rajasthan Legislative Assembly 9 times. Mahipal Maderna was also a minister in the state but Bhanwari Devi’s sex scandal affected the Maderna family’s political credibility. However, Mahipal Maderna’s daughter Divya Maderna is currently a Congress MLA and Divya Maderna’s mother Leela Maderna is the district president of Jodhpur.

Even in 2013, the then minister Babulal Nagar was caught in a sex scandal
The year 2013 also saw a sex scandal in Rajasthan politics. The then Food and Civil Supplies Minister Babulal Nagar was accused by a woman of rape. Babulal Nagar was accused of rape on the pretext of getting a job. Nagar had to lose his ministerial post after a case was registered with the police and he remained in jail for a long time. However, the court later acquitted Babulal Nagar. Babulal Nagar is currently an independent MLA.

In 2014, a BJP leader was accused of rape
A woman also accused the owner of a private dental center and a BJP leader in Jaipur of rape. The victim’s husband went to the media house and handed over a copy of the obscene CD, exposing the BJP leader’s actions. The accused leader later filed a case of blackmailing in the Delhi Crime Branch. The Delhi Crime Branch team arrested the victim and her husband for allegedly taking Rs 40 lakh from the accused leader for blackmailing from a hotel in Jaipur. As a result, Netaji escaped and the couple accused of rape by distributing obscene CDs went to jail.

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