Ramaswaroop Lamore, Jaipur: Karauli’s line Meena remains in the media headlines as ‘Lady Dawn’. Lady Dawn Rekha Meena is being searched a lot on social platforms. Who is this girl after all? How did Karauli become Don? Rekha Meena was actually arrested by Kurgaon police in Karauli district on January 20. The line is accused of openly abusing members of its rival gang on social media platforms. Threatens to kill He also incites the thugs of one gang to attack the thugs of the other gang. He has also made several threats to the police.

Rekha Meena was having an affair with her boyfriend’s rival gang

Rekha Meena, 19, is a resident of Nagal Lat village in Karauli district. His mother has died and his father is a laborer. Rekha is said to be the girlfriend of notorious crook Anuraj Meena of Kurgaon police station. Anuraj Meena is a known enemy of Pappulal Meena, a historian of Kudgaon police station. In such a situation, Rekha Meena was openly challenging Pappu Meena and her gang members on social media. She had threatened to kill herself if she uttered insults on social media. Rekha Meena’s threatening video went viral on social media. Based on this, the police of Kurgaon police station arrested Rekha Meena on Thursday.

‘Notoriety, now what’s the harm in bullying?’

Rekha Meena has created a page called Rekha Meena Don on social media platform Facebook. This page has over 5000 followers. The threatening video posted by him has received thousands of views. Her videos have also been posted on three or four more pages called Rekha Meena. He has posted a status on his social media page saying, “It’s a disgrace, now what’s the harm in bullying?” Rekha writes Don in front of her name and was openly threatening.

Became a friend first and then an enemy of Pappu Meena

Innocent looking Rekha Meena first became Anuraj Meena’s friend. It was Anuraj who introduced the line to his friend Pappu Meena. Anuraj and Pappu Meena became enemies as they approached Pappu Meena’s line. Meanwhile, Rekha Meena, who considers herself Anuraj’s friend, became Pappu Meena’s enemy and started making open threats. At the behest of Rekha, Anuraj and his gang members attacked Pappu Meena’s house on September 28. Pappu was shot in the stomach. After this the gap between the two gangs widened.

Rekha reached home considering the enemy’s friend as the enemy

Rekha Meena also became an enemy of Lala Kodia by commenting in support of Pappu Meena on social media. Rekha Meena reached Lala’s village in a car with her partner to teach Lala Kodia a lesson. After reaching outside Lala’s house, he came live on social media and started warning her to leave the house. During this he also beat up Lala. However, there was no animosity between Lala and Rekha. Rekha reached Lala’s house thinking only the enemy’s friend was the enemy.

The father does not know when the daughter became Lady Dawn

Rekha’s father works as a laborer. All they know is that their daughter is studying. When she came in contact with thugs during the study and became Lady Dawn. Even the father did not realize this. She lived in harmony with everyone in the house. Dad doesn’t have an Android mobile. In such a situation he did not know about his daughter’s movements. Currently, Kurgaon police have produced Lady Don Rekha Meena in court and sent her to Bharatpur Women’s Jail.

(All photos courtesy of social media)

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