Government and private schools have been opening in urban areas of Rajasthan since February 1 amid the third wave of Corona. It has been decided to open schools for students of standard 10 to 12 from February 1 while schools for students of standard 6 to standard 9 will be opened from February 10. Schools are already open in rural areas. Students going to school in urban areas will have to get written permission from their parents or other parents as per Corona’s guideline. Admission to the school premises will be given only after showing permission.

Adherence to protocol in school is mandatory
The state government has already issued the Corona Protocol during the study of educational institutions. In such a case, after the schools open, it will be mandatory for the students to follow the Corona protocol. Under protocol, school administrators must maintain a reasonable distance between two students during seating arrangements. Along with this the hands of the students have to be sanitized during the admission in the school. With this, all the students will come to school wearing masks and they will bring sanitized bottles with them. The school management will be responsible for following this protocol.

Decision from class 1 to standard 5 very soon
The state government will take a decision on primary classes in the second week of February
Currently, no decision has been made to send pre-primary and Std 1 to Std 5 children to school. The decision will be made in the second week of February for young children. Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot has repeatedly urged the Center to vaccinate young children.

Vaccination began on 3 January
It is to be mentioned that vaccination of boys and girls between the ages of 15 to 18 years started from January 3. According to the Chief Minister, children above the age of two years have been vaccinated in many countries of the world. In such a scenario, the Government of India should arrange for immunization of young children in India as soon as possible. The vaccine is being given to boys and girls between the ages of 15 and 18 from January 3.

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