Chandigarh: Punjab Chief Minister Charanjit Singh Channy, who is facing criticism from UP for his remarks, said on Thursday that his remarks had been distorted. Channy lauded the migrants for their contribution to the development of the state of Punjab. Channy tweeted after the attack by several leaders, including Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Modi mentioned Channy’s remarks at his election rallies in Abohar in Punjab and Fatehpur in Uttar Pradesh on Thursday.

Channy raised the controversy by appealing to the people of Uttar Pradesh, Bihar and Delhi during the Congress road show on Tuesday to allow ‘Bhaiya’ from Uttar Pradesh, Bihar and Delhi to enter Punjab. His remarks were probably aimed at Aam Aadmi Party leaders. But for migrants from Uttar Pradesh and Bihar working in Punjab, Bhaiya is considered an insulting word.

The Punjab chief minister said his remarks were against some people who were spreading unrest in the state. “My statement is being distorted,” he said in a video message on Twitter. Foreigners have taken Punjab on the path of development with their hard work. He has always contributed to the development. Our love for them is in our heart and no one can take it away.

‘Arvind Kejriwal, Durgesh Pathak and Sanjay Singh were targeted’
Channy said his remarks were aimed at AAP leaders like Arvind Kejriwal, Durgesh Pathak and Sanjay Singh, who were accused of coming from outside to spread unrest in the state. He said that for those who come to Punjab for work from Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Rajasthan and other places, Punjab belongs to them as much as it belongs to us. So it is not right to misrepresent it. Immigrants are dear to us. ” He said many people from Punjab also work in other states.

He acknowledged the contribution of migrants in various fields in Punjab and asked them not to compare themselves with people like Kejriwal. He said that these people have come here to create chaos in the state while foreigners come here for development. Channy tweeted that my brothers and sisters from Uttar Pradesh and Bihar have contributed to the creation of Punjab. We have been together for generations and I love and respect all of them like my family members.

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