List of all Presidents of India: The first citizen of India i.e. the President is discussed in Articles 52-62 of the Constitution of India. The president is not only the head of state, but also the head of all three services and head of the legislature, the executive and the judiciary.

When the Constitution of India came into force in 1950, its constitutional head was President Rajendra Prasad. The country has got 14 presidents so far and the current president Ramnath Kovind is the 14th president of the country. With this, Dr. Rajendra Prasad is proud to be the first President of the country and Mrs. Pratibha Devi Singh Patil is proud to be the first woman President of the country.

The president is elected every five years and can resign at any time and step down. Part 5 of the Constitution deals with the eligibility, election and removal of the President. The President receives a salary of Rs 5 lakh per month, along with lifelong medical care and accommodation.

The MLA has full participation in the election of the President but the MLA has no role in the removal of the President. There should be a special majority in both the Houses of Parliament for the removal of the President.

Let us know how many presidents the country has got so far and how long their tenure has been.

1. Dr. Rajendra Prasad
Office Term: 26 January 1950-13 May 1962

2. Dr. Sarvapalli Radhakrishnan
Office Term: 13 May 1962-13 May 1967

3. Dr. Zakir Hussain
Office Term: 13 May 1967 – 3 May 1969
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4. Varahagiri Venkat Giri (V V Giri)
Office Terms: 3 May 1969 – 20 July 1969 and 24 August 1969 – 24 August 1974

5. Fakhruddin Ali Ahmed
Office Term: 24 August 1974-11 February 1977

6. Shri Nilam Sanjeeva Reddy
Office Term: 25 July 1977-25 July 1982

7. Giani Zail Singh
Office Term: 25 July 1982-25 July 1987

8. Mr. R. Venkatraman
Office Term: 25 July 1987-25 July 1992

9. Dr. Shankar Dayal Sharma
Office Term: 25 July 1992-25 July 1997

10. Mr. K.R. Narayanan
Office Term: 25 July 1997-25 July 2002

11. Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam
Office Term: 25 July 2002-25 July 2007

12. Mrs. Pratibhadevi Singh Patil
Office Term: 25 July 2007-25 July 2012

13. Shri Pranab Mukherjee
Office Term: 25 July 2012-25 July 2017

14. Shri Ramnath Kovind
Office Term: 25 July 2017-present

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