What is INDWhenever a new vehicle is purchased, its number plate must be affixed and the vehicle must be registered. This registration is done under the Motor Vehicle Act 1989. Many types of letters and numbers are written on the number plate, for example IND. But do you know what those letters and numbers mean? Today we are giving you information about this.

What does IND mean and why is it used?

According to the 2005 list of amendments to the Central Motor Vehicle Rules 1989, ‘IND’ stands for High Security Number Plate. This number is only available with RTO registered number plate vendors. Their security is the main reason behind this high security number. These new plates have features like temper proof and snap lock which are difficult to remove. This number corresponds to the High Security Registration Plate (HSRP).

What is a High Security Number Plate?

The high security number plates are made of aluminum and these plates have a hologram of Ashoka Chakra made of 20mnX 20mn chromium. The letters and numbers written on these plates are also covered with hot stamp film. This plate is also electronically attached to the vehicle. According to the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways, vehicles purchased before April 2019 will be required to purchase a high safety number plate. If you do not have a number plate you may have to pay a fine of 5000-10000.
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The High Security Registration Plate was introduced by the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways in 2001. It is made of grade aluminum and laminated with white / yellow sheet.

Advantages of high security number: –

1. This number plate is based on chromium wheel telegram.
2. Both the testing agency and the manufacturer have alpha numerical identification laser numbering.
3. It is made of 1mm aluminum strip.
4. It also comes with a unique seven-digit laser code and self-destruct windshield sticker.
5. This will prevent serious incidents and accidents.
6. Being chromium plated makes it easy to keep an eye on vehicles even at night.
7. It is not possible to tamper with this plate

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