MumbaiāŠƒ The Maharashtra government has dealt a major blow to Samir Wankhede, a former officer of the Narcotics Control Bureau. In fact, the Thane District Magistrate has revoked the license of his Sadguru Hotel & Bar. The bar is located in the Navi Mumbai area next to Mysore Mumbai. Let me tell you that Nawab Malik, the Cabinet Minister of Maharashtra, accused Sameer Wankhede of being under 18 years of age when he took this license.

A hearing was going on with the Thane Collector
Following the allegation of Nawab Malik, the matter was being investigated by the Thane District Collector. In this case, the State Excise Department submitted its report to the District Magistrate. During the hearing, the district magistrate took action under section 54 and revoked the license.

Evidence presented by the State Excise Department during the hearing before the Thane District Magistrate. According to him, Samir Wankhede’s Sadguru Hotel & Bar in Navi Mumbai was licensed on October 27, 1997, when he was under 28 years of age. However, Samir Wankhede was given the license keeping in view the rules.

What was the charge of Nawab Malik?
Maharashtra Cabinet Minister Nawab Malik had alleged that a hotel called Sadguru Restaurant and Bar was operating in Navi Mumbai. Owned by Sameer Wankhede. The hotel was licensed in his name by Sameer Wankhede’s father. When this license was issued. At that time Samir Wankhede was 17 years 10 months 19 days old. Samir Wankhede was a minor at the time, but it is a legal offense for his father to start a liquor house in the name of a minor without caring for him.

2 lakh 40 thousand rent of liquor house
According to Nawab Malik, Samir Wankhede has given details of his assets in the year 2017. According to him, he is getting an annual rent of 2 lakh 40 thousand for this Sadguru Bar and Restaurant. Apart from this, in 1995, he showed the value of this property as one crore rupees.

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