Pran, Mumbai: Conditions in the city are beginning to return to normal after the Corona period, but the pain seen during the Covid period is still bothersome. In the days of Kovid, auto taxi drivers had to suffer a lot. Many of them returned to the village. However, now the auto rickshaw union has demanded Rs 10,000 per driver from the government. About 1.5 million auto drivers in Maharashtra have been asked to provide this amount from the Covid Relief Fund.

The union also opposed the two-wheeler taxi service from the mobile app. As many as ten rickshaw unions across the state have met Transport Commissioner Avinash Dhanke in this regard. 9 types of demands have been made during the meeting on behalf of the union. It also includes a demand for a subsidy of Rs 10,000 per auto driver. Apart from this, there is also a demand for waiver of loans and waiver of interest charged on those loans during the covid period.

Government demand for Covid Relief Fund
Demands have been made to withdraw the new amount charged for traffic violations and to implement a welfare scheme for drivers and their families. According to Shashank Rao of Mumbai Autorickshaw Union, “We have demanded covid relief from the government for rickshaw pullers. Auto rides have been banned since April 2020, with the effect lasting for about 6 months. Action has also been sought against two-wheeler taxi services for operating illegally, he said.

Opposes app-based taxi service
It is being said that only people with app based taxi service are continuing two wheeler taxi service, whereas in Maharashtra they are not allowed yet. Auto dealers are getting direct competition from these two wheeler taxi services. Passengers, on the other hand, are demanding that the price of share auto drivers come under control. Share taxi drivers charge an overcharge, but no action is taken by the traffic department.

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