Bhopal: People in Bhopal, the capital of MP Weather News, have been relieved by the harsh winter. The rise in maximum and minimum temperatures will continue till February 5. Then the winter season will start again. It will rain in some places as well. There are still light clouds in many places in the sky. According to the meteorological department, the minimum temperature is constantly rising. After this the minimum temperature will drop by three to five degrees Celsius. The minimum temperature in the capital Bhopal was recorded at 12.2 degrees Celsius on Thursday.

Senior meteorologist Shailendra Naik said that the western disruption is moving in the form of licks in the central and upper tropical layers with 58 ° E longitude and 28 ° N north latitude. Under its influence, induced cyclone rotation / low is likely to form in West Rajasthan and surrounding areas. By the night of 03 February 2022, low and moderate tropical levels are expected to start supplying high humidity from the Arabian Sea and Bay of Bengal to northwest India.

Western Disturbances and its induced cyclonic rotation / low pressure are likely to move east-northeast over the next two days. As a result, due to the confluence of westerly winds and south-easterly winds from the Bay of Bengal at low tropical levels, more moisture is likely to be supplied from the Bay of Bengal to East and adjoining North-East India on 03 and 04 February 2022.

At the same time, on February 6 and 7, 2022, under the influence of fresh western disturbances, scattered rain / snow is expected in the western Himalayan region. Due to these weather conditions, the minimum temperature in most parts of Madhya Pradesh is expected to rise by two to three degrees Celsius in the next two days and then by three to five degrees Celsius.

Significantly, Bhopal recorded a maximum temperature of 29.3 degrees Celsius on Wednesday, three notches above normal. At the same time, the minimum temperature at night was 12.2 degrees Celsius. This is also higher than usual. Mandala and Raisen recorded the lowest minimum temperature at 7 degrees Celsius.

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