Mumbai The number of active corona patients in Maharashtra is over two lakh. Of these, 7.15 per cent or more than 14,000 coro patients are undergoing treatment at various hospitals. More than 4,000 of these patients are in critical condition, with the possibility of an increase in mortality in the state being expressed by the Covid Death Audit Committee. The committee believes the next two weeks are crucial. It will be clear whether the mortality rate increases or decreases.

Even the third wave is weakening
Although the third wave of corona in the state, including Mumbai, is weakening, the number of critically ill patients is still the same. The number of critically ill patients has not dropped significantly, according to a weekly report released by the state health department. The number of critically ill patients has dropped by a thousand in a week. The number of critically ill patients was 5825 on January 26, which dropped to 4727 on February 2. Of these, 805 patients are still on ventilator and 2193 patients are in ICU, while 1388 patients are on oxygen.

Death toll
The chairman of the Covid Death Audit Committee, Dr. Avinash Supe said there was a trend in both the waves that the death graph increases as the number of new patients decreases. The same trend is seen in this third wave. Although there has been a reduction in deaths in these waves so far compared to the two waves, more patients are still being seen in some districts. Some people are arriving late in hospitals as the situation is getting worse due to fear. Doctors make every effort to save him, but as the case gets out of hand, it becomes difficult for him to escape.

Given the number of critically ill patients, he fears the death toll could rise in the next few days. He still appealed to people to be careful and contact a doctor immediately if symptoms appear.

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