Abhay Singh Rathore, Lucknow: A very shocking case has come up in the capital Lucknow, where daily laborers were lured by money. He was told that you had to pretend to be in bed so that you would not feel sick. Laborers in search of work became greedy for money. After which he was taken hostage and his treatment was started, from which a victim reached the police station.

The whole incident was reported and the police took action. The whole matter relates to a reputed hospital. Police are currently investigating the case. A doctor has been arrested from the spot. For accreditation, the hospital had to be inspected by the National Medical Commission. This ‘game’ was made in this regard.

Described from the victim
One of the survivors, who was the victim of a major incident for some money, said he was at the base in search of work. Then a Babuji came and said, ‘Come on, let’s work and 400-400 Will get Rs. Take all the prisoners with you. ‘ The victim said that Babuji was saying that there is no use for you, you just have to sleep on the bed and you pretend to be patient. The victim went there with her 10-15 companions.

After this, the laborers were given porridge in the grain, which all ate. Then, after sleeping on the bed, the needle was inserted, which caused the patient to be engaged only when the victim objected to the bleeding. The victim said she was not even allowed to go out to defecate. According to the victim, this has happened to at least 250 people.

Police are investigating the case
Anshu Kumar, a laborer by profession, has complained that a large number of laborers have been recruited from different places in MC Saxena’s Group of Colleges at Thakurganj police station, Deputy Commissioner of Police for West said. Them 400-500 Rosario and meals will be provided. It is important to run a hospital to run a medical college. MC Saxena Medical College was conducting clinical training of its students at RR Sinha Hospital. Accreditation is extended only on the basis of hospitalization and patient convenience.

According to police, when the laborers arrived at the hospital, their treatment was suddenly started and they were taken hostage there. Workers were not released from there. Her body used medicine and Vigo. As soon as the police received the information, a senior officer and forces from two or three nearby police stations were dispatched. Later, the CMO’s team also reached there and found out that these people were not sick during the treatment they were undergoing. This was illegal and a case has been registered at Thakurganj police station on this basis. In which the police have arrested Dr. Shekhar Saxena and taken further legal action.

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