Kolkata: The tussle between West Bengal Governor Jagdeep Dhankhar and Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee is not going away. Governor Dhankhar on Wednesday once again targeted CM Banerjee. The state’s constitutional head, Dhankhar, has now challenged the move, saying he would resign if the allegations made against him by the chief minister were proved true. Dhankhar was reacting to Banerjee’s allegation in which the CMA said that the governor orders food from the luxury Taj Bengal every day.

“I have read the CM’s statement,” Dhankhar said. This is unfortunate. That is the challenge for democracy. The statement that I am getting food from Taj Bengal is 100% false. It is not befitting for the Chief Minister to make such baseless allegations. I will resign if that proves to be true.

Banerjee’s remarks came after Dhankhar’s mother questioned the financial allocation of the canteen. Maa Canteen is a subsidized community canteen facility started by the Chief Minister to provide food to the poor during an epidemic situation. “I have spoken about the constitutional allocation made by the state government for the canteen,” Dhankhar said. The canteen was operational from mid-February 2021, but the constitutional allotment was made from 1 April. As the constitutional head of state, it is my duty to see that all the norms are complied with as per the constitution. No one can stop me from doing this.

Condemnation of CM’s statement
After her unopposed election as Trinamool Congress president on Wednesday, Banerjee again slammed the governor, alleging that files were not released from the Raj Bhavan. Denying the allegations, Dhankhar said that what was said in the files was not credible. I don’t have a single file left on my desk. Their government will have to respond if any issues are pending. But the government has failed to respond. He condemned such absurd allegations from the Chief Minister.

Criticism of comparisons with horses
“Insults and insults have been used against me,” Dhankhar said. But I want to make one thing very clear that no one can stop me from walking on my constitutional path. I’m not elected, that’s right. But I am bound by the constitution and it is my duty to see that the constitutional norms are observed. It is my constitutional duty to see that the state is governed by the rule of law and I will continue to do so when I take the oath. The governor also slammed the chief minister for comparing him to a horse.

‘State bureaucracy has forgotten the rule of law’
Speaking after the organizational election, Banerjee compared them to horses, citing an incident during the Republic Day parade. In fact, without naming Governor Dhankhar on Wednesday, Mamata Banerjee said, “A herd of horses has been sent to Bengal and I have seen a horse on Republic Day and it insults me day and night.” “It’s very unfortunate for him to say that,” Dhankhar said. As the Chief Minister of the state, he is not expected to use such language. I have been in the state for two and a half years and I have tweeted more than 900, but I have never shown any disrespect to CM. I still have a lot of respect for them.

Sneering at the bureaucracy, Dhankhar said that the state bureaucracy has forgotten the rule of law through which they seek guidance. They violate constitutional norms. The state has no rule of law. Here is only the rule of the ruler.

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