Mumbai Former Maharashtra Chief Minister and current Leader of Opposition Devendra Fadnavis has slammed Sanjay Raut. Fadnavis said lions are never afraid of fox threats. In fact, during a press conference in Delhi this morning, Sanjay Raut targeted the Center, the BJP and Fadnavis. Raut said in his press conference that the central government was using the ED unconstitutionally. In a way, the ED has become an agent of the BJP and is dancing to its tune. He also alleged that ED officials were threatening people close to him at gunpoint. Even if you enter our house you will not be able to reach Nagpur. Fadnavis has responded to Raut’s words.

Raut’s warning
Sanjay Raut warned that if you enter our house we will not leave. We will not be able to go to Nagpur if we go to enter your house. “I will soon make a number of disclosures by holding a press conference with thousands of people outside the ED office in Mumbai,” he said. Raut said Maharashtra has the highest number of cases reported by ED across the country. Aren’t scams happening in UP and Bihar?

Stop playing victim cards
Devendra Fadnavis has accused Sanjay Raut of playing the victim card. He wakes up every morning at 9am to have fun, being an editor he knows very well what to do to stay in the discussion. If Sanjay Raut has anything to say, he should go to court. You don’t have to pay much attention to what they say. Devendra Fadnavis said this while targeting Raut during a press conference.

The ED interrogated the decorator
Sanjay Raut has claimed that he worked as a decorator in his daughter’s wedding. Now the EE team is also interrogating him. “People close to us are being threatened at gunpoint,” Raut said. They are being told to write everything down or they will be thrown in jail. People are being interrogated for 12 hours every day. Who goes to the ED office? Who briefs the ED, who is to be deceived? How is it all planned? I will reveal all these things very soon. “Whom am I referring to? Former Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis knows this very well,” Raut said.

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