Mumbai Shiv Sena MP Sanjay Raut and his wife Varsha Raut have once again come under discussion. In fact, a few days ago, his close associate Praveen Raut was arrested by the Enforcement Directorate (ED). The closeness of Sanjay Raut and Praveen Raut can be understood from the fact that in the year 2010, Praveen Raut’s wife Madhuri had given an interest free loan of Rs 55 lakh to Sanjay Raut’s wife. Using this money, he bought a flat in Dadar area of ​​Mumbai. However, seeing the matter gaining momentum, Sanjay Raut’s wife said that he had returned the money taken from Madhuri Raut. In HDIL, Rs. Praveen Raut has been arrested after a Rs 1034 crore scam came to light. Money has been transferred from his wife’s account to Sanjay Raut’s wife’s account. The ED has received the clue and on the basis of this, the Enforcement Directorate has taken this action. Let us know what is Varsha Raut targeted by business ED?

Varsha Raut is a teacher in the school
Varsha Raut, who works as a teacher in a school in Bhandup, was married to Sanjay Raut in 1993. Varsha Raut has nothing to do with politics. However, she is involved in film production and her latest film was ‘Thackeray’. Sanjay and Varsha Raut are the parents of two daughters named Vidita and Purvanshi.

Varsha Raut is also active in the business
Varsha Raut is also active in business with her husband Sanjay Raut and two daughters. The Raut family lives in a bungalow in Bhandup’s Friends Colony. According to information provided by Sanjay Raut in his election affidavit, Varsha Raut is a partner in three companies. Routers Entertainment LLP is a partner of Sanatan Motors Pvt. Ltd. and Siddhant Siscon Pvt. Ltd. The film was produced by Reuters Thackeray. According to the affidavit in the year 2014-15, the income of Varsha Raut was 13,15,254.

Headlines after ED notice
Varsha Raut, a school teacher by profession, came into the limelight when the ED sent her a notice for questioning in the Punjab and Maharashtra Co-operative Bank scam case. However, Varsha Raut did not appear before the ED on December 29, 2020 and asked for extra time. She said she would appear before the ED on January 5, 2021 and answer their questions. The ED had earlier sent notices to Varsha Raut on December 11 and 22. But no proper reply was received from ED by Varsha Raut.

In which case notice was given
Enforcement Directorate Sanjay Raut’s friend Praveen Raut’s wife Madhuri Raut’s account from Varsha Raut’s account Rs. Wanted to inquire about 55 lakhs. The Enforcement Directorate has recently questioned Praveen Raut in the PMC Bank scam case. Madhuri Raut is also a partner in Sanjay Raut’s company Ciscon Private Limited. Praveen Raut is also the director of Guruashish Construction, a subsidiary of HDIL. HDIL promoters Sarang Wadhwan and Rakesh Wadhwan were arrested in the PMC bank scam case. He was accused of embezzling Rs 6,500 crore.

Arrest of Raut’s close associate
In fact, the Enforcement Directorate has arrested Praveen Raut, a close associate of Sanjay Raut, in connection with a Rs 1,034 crore land scam. In this case, the ED had raided Sujit Patkar’s house. Who is a partner in the generation of Sanjay Raut’s daughters. Let me tell you that Praveen Raut is a director in Guru Ashish Company, which is affiliated with HDIL. Praveen Raut has a large real estate business in the Safale area of ​​Palghar district, about 100 km from Mumbai. ED officials raided Praveen’s house on Tuesday. After which he was brought to the ED office for questioning. After which he was arrested.

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