Crowd: Sand mafias are rampant in many districts of MP’s Chambal area. The terror of sand mafias in Bhind district has escalated to such an extent that an 85-year-old distressed farmer has had to seek help from Prime Minister Narendra Modi (MP farmer to Prime Minister) to save his crop (sand mafia crushed mustard crop). . The whole matter belongs to Goram village of Bhind district (Bhind collector and SPA have not taken action). Abhilakh Singh cultivates this land. This farm of Abhilakh Singh is in Prakash No. 63 and the number of farms is 1130 and 1131.

Abhilakh Singh has alleged that sand mafias have forcibly created an illegal road between the two farms and sand mafias are illegally mining sand with the help of submarines and large machines. Abhilakh Singh alleges that sand mafias take large vehicles loaded with sand from his mustard crop 40 to 50 times a day. Due to which the mustard crop grown in the fields of Abhilakh Singh is being destroyed.

Farmer Abhilakh Singh had complained about this in a public hearing held at the Collectorate. After reaching the SP office, he also talked to SP Shailendra Singh. The collector and the SPA did not take any concrete action to save the old farmer’s crop. No action was taken against the sand mining mafias. Farmer Abhilakh Singh did not listen, then he has complained directly to Prime Minister Narendra Modi online to protect his crops from the terror of sand mafia.

Abhilakh Singh has expressed his grief over the complaint lodged at the Prime Minister’s Office on January 26. This is not the first case where sand mafias have been illegally digging up sand to destroy farmers’ crops. There have been several such cases in the past, when farmers have repeatedly appealed to the police and the administration for help. But the farmers have never been free from the terror of the sand mafias.

This is the first time in the district that the aggrieved farmer has gathered courage and appealed to Prime Minister Narendra Modi for help. Speaking in the interest of farmers, the old farmer Abhilakh hoped that Prime Minister Narendra Modi would take up the matter and save the crops grown on his farm from the terror of sand mafias. It remains to be seen whether the complaint lodged in Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s office solves the problem of farmer Abhilakh Singh.

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