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United Glass Specialists Inc. is a Glass repair service in Bonney Lake US. It’s complete address is We come to you free in shop Appointment only, Bonney Lake, WA 98391, United States near me location We come to you free in shop Appointment only. Is this business well-known, to answer this question we need feed back from real people. This local business has 62 reviews with average rating of 4.4. Lets take a look at other details including operational hours, address, contact details, reviews and rating for this business.

United Glass Specialists Inc. Opening Hours

United Glass Specialists Inc. open now today? Check out working hours below:

  • Tuesday,:Open 24 hours
  • Wednesday,: Open 24 hours
  • Thursday,: Open 24 hours
  • Friday,: Open 24 hours
  • Saturday,: Open 24 hours
  • Sunday,: Open 24 hours
  • Monday,: Open 24 hours

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Contact Details

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Phone Number: +1 360-708-4897

Website: http://www.unitedglassspecialists.com/

United Glass Specialists Inc. Address

We come to you free in shop Appointment only, Bonney Lake, WA 98391, United States

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Public Reviews

A Whiz: Incomplete auto glass repair. Molding not finished, glass all over, incomplete job with Allen cussing violently leaving telling me my bf has to clean up glass and i have to pay extra for cleanup. Do NOT GO THROUGH HIM. ANGRY. INCOMPLETE AND A THIEF.

Rating: 1/5


Mackenzie Mast: Allen showed up at 5:45pm when his arrival window was scheduled between 11am – 1pm. He didn’t let me know he would be late until after his arrival window, and then proceeded to be super non-communicative as to when he would actually arrive. Which was like, six hours later.

All of which could have been forgiven. But he showed up with the wrong part. I’d requested a tinted window, and the one he brought wasn’t tinted. Which still might not have been a deal breaker, but this dude was smoking a cigarette, blowing the smoke in my freaking face, and just being generally rude, in addition to being super non-communicative, six hours late, and with the wrong part.

So I thanked him for coming out all this way, but no thank you, I’ll be going with someone else. I have an appointment scheduled already, and it’s $100 cheaper than Allen. I’ll have to wait a couple of days, but I’ve already wasted a whole day on this guy. What’s a few more?

Rating: 1/5


Carl Duke: Contacted Allen about a shower window that’s been cracked and only got worse as the years went on. The price was more than fair for the work he conducted as similar business I contacted about the same job quoted me so high that I would have to miss a few weeks of meals to pay for. He is a busy man so it was hard to get into his schedule. Be that as it may, even the weird time I was locked in due to my work schedule he still showed up and did an excellent job.

Rating: 5/5


matt brown: I work for Allphaze construction. We needed the glass replaced in a cheap hanging exterior light. I called united glass and the owner showed up that evening to pick up the light. We talked about replacing all the glass instead of ordering the glass, he said it would be faster, I agreed. I also told him the cost of the light was very cheap so I didn’t want to spend a fortune, he agreed. I asked him when I could expect the light back. He said he could get it to me the next day. I told him on Monday would be OK because the next day was Saturday. Almost a month later after I sent him many calls and text messages. He finally shows up to drop off my light. The light looked good. He gave me the bill for $199.99. I told him that was very expensive . He got very defensive and said he would drop the price. I payed him the full price and told him I would never use him again. Producing a good product is only part of the job. He is not an honest or reliable man. There are alot of good companies out there you can get glass from. Are you sure you want to roll the dice. I refuse to beat a guys price up when the bill comes, that is not how I do business. You pay the man his wages. I never write reviews but this was unbelievably the worst service I have ever received.

Rating: 1/5


Ashley Yanez: I contacted Allen almost a month ago. On June 8th, I asked him to come and get a bid to replace my front window at my house. He told me $369 plus tax. It was a bit high compared to what I’m used to as a property manager, but I needed it done. Sent him my email immediately to get the invoice sent over and no response. On the 9th, he said he sent the order but I never got the invoice. I finally got it on the 10th. I paid it IN FULL. Typically, I don’t do that. All my window vendors or vendors in general invoice me after the job is done. Sent him a screen shot of the payment. Did not receive any response. I text him back on the 14th asking for an update and he went on, very unprofessional, stating that he isn’t fraud or trying to pull one over on me and that he’s the only one who works for the company. More information that I really cared for. I just wanted to know the status. I didn’t accuse him of anything and told him to just let me know. Now, it is July and I waited for after the 4th to get in contact. I text him at noon today. Didn’t hear anything but as I’m getting ready for bed, almost 830pm, Allen calls me and says he can install my window in 5 minutes. I was already irritated that it took this long, so I told okay. When he finally got here, he called me and said that it was the wrong glass. It was for another person in orting. He told me that the order will be ready on the 20th. He tried saying that it’s because of covid and a ton of people are out of jobs, so that is why it’s taking so long. I paid this man $369 for a job that I now have to wait almost two months to get repaired. I told him I would like a refund because my landlord is taking care of it. He went on about all these companies and how he knows everyone and that when the part comes in on the 20th, he will install it. I told him I no longer wanted to use his services and he told me no. That he will recycle the window when it comes and that i can have my landlord call him. He told me that it’s going to cost me more money if I dispute the charge for not only me, but my landlord as well. Then went on about how I will soon be offered to have my debt wiped away if I get the vaccine that has already killed 10000 people. I don’t understand how that has anything to do with my refund or the job. I am a single mother. I work hard for my money and for him to just tell me no, puts a huge financial burden on me. He even sent me a weird link about the vaccine shot and the government. I have all the screen shots from this man. He can’t even text professionally. I will be disputing the transaction. I would definitely look out for this man. I get covid put a damper on Production, but I just ordered a double pain window that was twice the size of mine and they charges me less, and got it installed in a week for one of my residents. It sucks that it could have been a great business, but from what he has overly shared in texts, it’s just him. He keeps Saying he doesn’t wanna get screwed over so that’s why he works alone, but clearly, he can’t do it himself. I will never outsource on finding business unless I do more research. He is expensive compared to other companies but will say otherwise. Watch out !

Rating: 1/5



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Overall Ratings: 4.4


Here are the some frequency asked question about this business.

What is the complete address of United Glass Specialists Inc.?

The complete address of United Glass Specialists Inc. is We come to you free in shop Appointment only, Bonney Lake, WA 98391, United States.

What are the operational hours of United Glass Specialists Inc.?

The working hours or opening hours for Queen’s Park Locksmiths are mentioned below

  • Wednesday,:7AM to 12AM
  • Thursday,: 7AM to 12AM
  • Friday,: 7AM to 12AM
  • Saturday,: Open 24 hours
  • Sunday,: Open 24 hours
  • Monday,: 7AM to 12AM
  • Tuesday,: 7AM to 12AM

What is the contact number of United Glass Specialists Inc.?

United Glass Specialists Inc. can be contacted on +1 360-708-4897.

Any landmark near United Glass Specialists Inc.?

Yes near by.

What payment method accepted by United Glass Specialists Inc.?

United Glass Specialists Inc. accept all major debit or credit cards and cash. To know more about the payment options kindly contact on +1 360-708-4897.

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