Jaipur: On the second day of the Rajasthan Legislative Assembly budget session (Rajasthan Legislative Assembly Budget Session 2022), the REET-2021 paper leak scandal erupted. As soon as the House started demanding a CBI probe into the REET-2021 copy case, BJP members started rioting at 11 am. As on Wednesday, members of the Opposition marched on the House wearing black bandanas and chanting slogans. The House begins with Question Hour but members of the Opposition did not participate in Question Hour. Didn’t read a single question. Only questions raised by the ruling party and independent MLAs during Question Hour can be raised.

Can Rajasthan Police get exemption for encounter of paper leakers?
Independent MLA Baljit Yadav asked four questions related to paper leaks in various competitive examinations. Baljit Yadav asked how many examination papers came out during the tenure of the previous government and which cases were investigated by the CBI. Will CBI investigate old cases now? Yadav said the four accused who raped a veterinary doctor in Hyderabad were praised from the street to Parliament when they were confronted by the police. In such a scenario, Rajasthan police can be given the freedom to face those who leak competitive exam papers. Question Hour lasted only 40 minutes, with House proceedings repeatedly adjourned
Opposition groups called for a CBI probe into the REET-2021 paper leak case. Speaker of the Legislative Assembly Dr. C.P. Opposition members did not stop the protest despite repeated requests from Joshi. The one-hour question period lasted only 40 minutes and the house had to be adjourned for 20 minutes before the end of the question period. Later, when the Zero Hour started at 12 o’clock, the members of the Opposition also started shouting during the Zero Hour. The Speaker of the House had to adjourn the House till 2 p.m. The House proceedings had to be adjourned till 3 pm as the season resumed later.

Shanti Dhariwal says papers leaked 5 times during the tenure of previous government, not a single case has been investigated by CBI
Responding to questions from independent MLA Baljit Yadav, Parliamentary Affairs Minister Shanti Dhariwal said that during the tenure of the previous BJP government, papers were leaked in RAS Recruitment 2018, RJS Recruitment 2018, LDC Recruitment 20213, Jail Prari 812. None of these cases were investigated by the then government through CBI. Where have they gone before, who are demanding a CBI probe into the REET paper leak today? As far as the CBI probe is concerned, the previous government did not even probe the SOG. The cases were covered up by local police stations.

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