Ravi Sinha, Ranchi: A special CBI court on Monday sentenced Lalu Prasad Yadav to five years in jail in the fifth case of fodder scam. In such a situation, Lalu Prasad will now have to apply to the High Court for bail. Lalu Prasad’s lawyer and RJD leaders hoped that he would get bail from the lower court if the court sentenced him to 3 years in view of his age and health. But he was sentenced to 5 years, so now he has to file a bail application (Lalu Yadav bail application) in the High Court. Not only that, it can take at least a month and a half to get the vine. If bail is not granted in 20-22 days, this time Lalu Yadav will have to stay in jail even on Holi day.

Lalu’s lawyer said it would take time to hear the bail application
Lalu Prasad’s advocate Prabhat Kumar said the High Court would hear the fodder scam case only on Friday, while much caution was being exercised due to the Kovid-19 protocol. In such a case, it may take one and a half to two months to file a bail application and it will be heard and then a decision will be taken. He said that Lalu Prasad was suffering from 17 ailments (Lalu Yadav Health Update) and considering his age, the court would be requested for bail as soon as possible.

Lalu Prasad, who was admitted to the paying ward, became tense
Lalu Prasad, who was behaving like a prisoner in RIMS’s paying ward, was found tense during the hearing on sentencing issues here. Doctors performed several tests before and after the sentencing. In this regard, the leader of the team formed for the treatment of Lalu Prasad in Reims, Dr. Vidyapati said it is natural to have tension before any hearing and after sentencing. He said that Lalu Yadav was suffering from a number of ailments which were being treated. Dr. Vidyapati said that Lalu Prasad’s kidney is bad and he is in the fourth stage. Lalu Prasad ate Rotli Dal Lili Sabzi in the morning and after 5 years of imprisonment he looked very disappointed in the afternoon.

VIP A class inmate facility in Paying Ward
RJD supremo Lalu Prasad is being given various facilities as he is a VIP A category prisoner admitted in the paying ward of RIMS. The RIMS administration is constantly monitoring their health. The head of the medicine department, Dr. to monitor his health. A seven-member team of doctors has also been formed under the leadership of Vidyapati. According to Lalu Prasad’s doctors, Lalu Prasad could not sleep well at night due to anxiety for two days. Which has caused their blood pressure and sugar to rise. Seeing this, the doctors have increased the dose of the medicine. The RJD chief is suffering from a dozen ailments. He has many other ailments including kidney, heart, liver, BP, high sugar, thalassemia.

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