Ravi Sinha, Ranchi Lalu Prasad Yadav, convicted in the fodder scam, is being treated like a prisoner in the paying ward of Reims. The RJD chief, meanwhile, is also plagued by toothache. After which doctors have started treating the root canal to get rid of the pain. In this connection, on Thursday, high profile prisoner Lalu Prasad (Lalu Yadav Health Update) was brought to the dental college from the paying ward of Reims amid tight security. Where his toothache treatment was started.

Lalu Prasad will get relief from the pain soon
The doctors of the dental department said that the process of root canal treatment (RCT) of Lalu Yadav’s right posterior molar tooth has been started. Under this, cavities were removed from the inside of the teeth and initial tracing was done so that there would be no problem in eating them. It also relieves pain.

Doctors started treating toothache
Earlier, X-ray of RJD chief’s teeth was also done in the dental department under the supervision of Dr. Prashant Gupta. On the other hand, the senior doctor of the dental department, Dr. Ajay Shahi underwent a medical examination of his teeth and 2 days later the RJD chief was again called for RCT.

In the shelter of Lalu High Court
At the same time, Lalu Yadav, who is serving his sentence in the Doranda Treasury case of fodder scam, has filed an application in the High Court. Lalu Prasad Yadav’s lawyer has challenged the CBI court’s decision in the High Court. According to RJD supremo advocates Prabhat Kumar and Anant Kumar Vijna, an appeal has been filed in the Ranchi High Court against the CBI court’s decision. His bail has also been requested.
Lawyers in the Doranda case appealed to the High Court
Lalu Yadav has been sentenced to 5 years in the Doranda Treasury illegal withdrawal case. A fine of Rs 60 lakh was also imposed. Meanwhile, Lalu Yadav has entered the rims. During the hearing, Lalu Yadav had appealed to the court that he should be kept in Rims instead of jail as he was not in good health. Accepting this, the court allowed him to be kept in reams. Since then, Lalu Yadav has been serving his sentence in Reims.

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