Bangalore: National Conference leader Omar Abdullah on Tuesday accused the country of harboring hatred towards Muslims. The country no longer celebrates its diversity. Demonstrations and protests against the hijab have intensified in colleges in some parts of Karnataka. He was commenting on a video posted on social media in which some students were seen in a college in Karnataka wearing a saffron scarf and chanting slogans.

How brave these men are and what a manly experience they must have when targeting a single girl! Hatred for Muslims has become completely mainstream and common in India today. He said something. Tagging the video, Abdullah tweeted, “We are no longer a nation that celebrates our diversity, we want to punish and exclude people for it.”

Growing controversy over hijab
Tensions were high in Udupi, Shivamogga, Bagalkot and other parts of Karnataka over the issue of hijab in some educational institutions, prompting police and authorities to intervene. The Karnataka High Court on Tuesday heard the petitions of five girls studying at a government pre-university college in Udupi, questioning the hijab ban in the college.

The issue started in January at a government PU college in Udupi, where six students wearing headscarves went to class after being asked to leave campus. The case has now spread to various parts of the state where Hindu youths are responding by wearing orange scarves. Students wearing saffron scarves are also being banned from classes. The controversy has also taken a political turn as the ruling BJP is in favor of similar rules being enforced by educational institutions, while the opposition Congress has accused the hijab controversy of being part of a conspiracy to poison the minds of the youth.

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