Suman Keshav Singh, Patna: The ongoing debate in the NDA over the Bihar Legislative Council elections is now over. The BJP and the JDU shared 24 council seats. From the beginning, the BJP was trying to contest 13 seats and the JDU was adamant on demanding 11 seats or a 50:50 formula. Apart from us, VIP and RLJP Pashupati Paras were also contesting.

Nitish’s political engineering was a hit
Political engineer Nitish Kumar on the one hand gave a seat to his ally Pashupati Paras’ party RLJP from the BJP’s share. So there are many marks to be made with this arrow. When he punished his opponent Chirag Paswan for speaking against him, he also pointed out his position in the NDA. On the other hand, he strengthened his ally BJP by pushing it. So even there he adopted his own 50:50 formula. Not only that, the JDU also got its point of view without hurting the arrogance of the BJP’s big brother role.

‘Malla’s son’ fell into BJP’s trap
Although VIP chief Mukesh Sahni calls himself the Son of Mallah, this time he was badly caught up in the BJP’s political maneuvers in the Assembly elections. Mukesh Sahni filed his suit by staying. They claimed to be equal partners in the NDA coalition. He was constantly making speeches to put pressure on the BJP. Her words now weigh heavily on him. Even though Mukesh Sahni is constantly turning a blind eye to the BJP, those ministers are made up of BJP quotas. The BJP made Sushil Kumar Modi a minister by giving him a vacant seat in the council. But Mukesh Sahni was constantly stating that he is with Nitish Kumar.

Tarakishore Prasad had earlier rejected Sahni’s claim, will the game end?
Here, his contender was already denied by Deputy CM Tarakishore Prasad that he has been given his share by making him a member of the council without contesting the election. The story does not end here. With the help of the vacant seat, the term of the ‘Son of Mallah’ minister is coming to an end this year. Sahni is neither an MLA nor a member of the council. So the big question is how will he be a minister?

JDU, in a for-profit deal, spreads its legs in council elections
The JDU holds 23 of the 75 seats in the Legislative Council. At the same time, of the 24 seats up for grabs, 8 are held by the JDU. The JDU has not only spread its legs but also increased its size in seat sharing. However, overall the JDU has bargained for the benefit of 4 seats, while the BJP may look like big brother with 13 seats but both the parties are equal in the distribution of seats. The BJP has lost one seat, while the JDU is the Alexander in the 8 to 12 seat sharing deal.

His party did worse than expected from opinion polls, which saw them at gaining about a third of the seats
A statement issued by the former party said, “If the NDA breaks up because of two seats, then these people are seeing this false dream.” A statement issued by the party said that Bihar was making progress under Nitish’s leadership. We were not ready for the Assembly elections. At present, by saying this, the master of pressure politics, Jitnaram Mazi, has remained silent on the demand for two seats.

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