Rajasthan News: After a quarrel with her husband in Jaipur, a young woman conspired to rob her in-laws’ house. Police arrested the girl and her nephew in connection with the robbery. Police have seized Rs 94,500 and two kilograms of gold and silver jewelery.


  • The wife plotted a robbery after a disagreement with her husband
  • 1 crore robbery from nephew at Sasaria’s house
  • Jaipur police made a statement and arrested both the accused
Ramaswaroop Lamore, Jaipur: Two days ago, a day-long robbery of Rs 1 crore was exposed in Sanganer area of ​​Jaipur, the capital of Rajasthan. The robbery was not carried out by any gang, but the bride of the house, Shilpa Saini, conspired and committed the crime. Sanganer police arrested daughter-in-law Shilpa Saini and her nephew Nikhil Saini in connection with the incident. At the request of Nikhil Saini, the police have seized Rs 94,500 and two kilograms of gold and silver jewelery. Shilpa Saini had a quarrel with her husband Mahesh Kumar Saini and she wanted to divorce her husband. For this reason, he plotted the robbery and committed the crime by his own nephew.

Nephew Nikhil held his aunt hostage, taped her mouth, robbed her of jewelery and cash
Shilpa Saini had been quarreling with her in-laws for several days. There were frequent quarrels between the two due to differences with the husband. Police also launched an investigation into the incident after a discrepancy was reported during the robbery investigation. Under strict interrogation, Shilpa Saini, the daughter-in-law of the house, confessed to the crime. At Shilpa’s behest, police arrested her nephew from Harmada’s Friends Colony. Investigation revealed that Shilpa wanted to get a divorce due to a disagreement with her husband. Before the divorce, he had robbed his nephew of millions of rupees in cash and jewelery. Shilpa tied her hands and feet with Nikhil and also taped her mouth. The robbery was planned in such a way that no one would suspect it, but the police uncovered all the details.

The conspiracy was hatched two and a half months ago, after which the escape routes were decided
According to Additional DCP Avanish Sharma, the robbery was a big one. In the case registered by the victim, Rs. 10 lakh cash and two kilos of gold-silver jewelery were reportedly looted. Considering the seriousness of the incident, Commissioner of Police Anand Srivastava also inspected the spot. Investigations have revealed that Shilpa Saini and her nephew Nikhil had hatched a robbery conspiracy two and a half months ago. Escape routes were also marked after the incident where CCTV cameras were not installed. Police checked footage from 70 CCTV cameras but not a single footage showed the robbers fleeing. In such a situation, the police only suspected Shilpa. On the afternoon of Thursday, February 10, when Shilpa’s father-in-law Ramdhan Saini came out of the house, Shilpa immediately called her nephew and reported the incident.

Ramdhan Saini is a former councilor and property businessman
Ramdhan Saini, a resident of Gulab Vihar in Sanganer, is a property businessman and has been a former councilor. His eldest son Mahesh Saini runs the factory and youngest son Sachin Saini is a lawyer. Police were notified two hours after the incident on Thursday. Following the major robbery, the Commissioner of Police personally inspected the spot and directed Crime Branch DPC Narayan Togas to investigate. When the DCP Crime and Sanganer police team conducted a joint investigation, the daughter-in-law of the victim’s family was found to be the mastermind of the robbery.

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