Jabalpur : A dhaba operator was brutally stabbed to death late Wednesday night at Patel Nagar Mor under Adhartal police station in the city (Jabalpur Samachar). The attackers committed the crime to cash in on a five-year-old feud. Upon receiving the information, the police rushed to the spot and sent the body to the Medical College Hospital for postmortem. Ajay Tiwari, a resident of Maharajpur, sells building materials, Adhartal police said.

On Wednesday night, Sony along with his friend and Dhaba operator Dilip Singh went to a petrol pump to collect diesel money, from where the two were returning home. When the two reached the Patel Nagar turn, they were stopped by Vivek Pandey alias Under and his three companions. The rat asked for a New Year’s party. Ajay and Dilip say they will give him a party later. As soon as he said that, the rat started abusing him. When Ajay Tiwari refused to utter insults, the rat slapped him and threatened to kill him in old enmity. Dilip Singh intervened.

Meanwhile, Dilip Singh was beaten by a rat and his accomplices. Meanwhile, the rat and his accomplices attacked Dilip with a knife. He hit Dilip several times. With more than half a dozen stab wounds to the chest, back and waist, Dilip fell to the ground in a bloody state. The assailants then fled the scene.

Police investigation has revealed that Dhaba administrator Dilip Singh had a quarrel with a scoundrel named Rajesh Yadav five years ago. In that case, the police had sent Rajesh to jail. Rajesh and Undar have a close friendship. The rat kills Dilip to avenge the incident with Rajesh. Shailesh Mishra, in-charge of Adhartal police station, said all the accused were arrested late last night after a murder case was registered.

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