Jabalpur: A video of Shahpura based health center of the district went viral (Jabalpur bmo dance video went viral). In the viral video, BMO Joya Khan (bmo joya khan dancing with husband) is dancing with her husband. In the meantime, some people have even made a video of it. Video of BMO Zoya Khan’s dance has gone viral on social media. Zoya Khanna is dancing to Salman and Katrina’s song with her husband Imran Khan. This song is from Bharat movie. The controversy erupted after the video surfaced. Some people are demanding action.

BMO Zoya Khan is dancing with her husband Imran Khan. The entire event was held on the hospital campus. Many patients are also admitted here. The dancing BMO did not care that the patients were also admitted to the hospital. The viral video is said to be on the evening of January 26. A Bati-Bharat party was organized at the hospital. Music was also arranged during this time. Music was playing on the sound box and BMO was busy dancing with her husband.

The hospital staff was with them throughout the program. Pregnant patients and patients suffering from other diseases were admitted to the hospital. But no one cared. Everyone was busy celebrating. At the same time, her husband Imran Khan’s Path Lab runs next to the hospital. The hospital staff is conducting inquiries into Madam’s husband. Imran is also linked to the controversy. A case of intimidation was registered against Imran a few days back.

Speaking to media, Jabalpur CMHO has defended BMO. He said the event was held here on the evening of January 26. Following the controversy, Dr Zoya Khan offered to resign. After my persuasion, she agreed. Some doctors at the hospital are conspiring to become BMOs. People are under a lot of stress because of covid. A cultural program was organized for this.

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