New Delhi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi has questioned the attitude of the Congress during the Corona virus epidemic. In the Lok Sabha, PM Modi said that in the first wave, when the lockdown was being called for, the Congress had urged the workers to leave the city (labor migration in Kovid). Modi alleged that the Congress had persuaded people from UP and Bihar living in Maharashtra to return to their homes from there. The PM has accused Congress of committing a grave sin.

‘Congress has gone too far’
Modi Corona said a major attack on the Congress was a global epidemic, but it should also be used for partisan politics. Is it good for humanity? I didn’t name anyone. Hats are also what to wear. But once you gesture and stand up (impatient Ranjan) wants to talk so I called. Corona has a lot of time Congress has. The referendum was followed during the first wave when advising countries around the world on WHO. Many health experts said that where to stay. The message was given to the whole world. Where a man takes it if he takes it with a corona he is infected with the coronavirus.

‘Distributing free tickets is pushing workers into epidemic’
Concluding his speech, Modi said, “Then what did the people of Congress do. The workers were given free tickets to encourage them to leave Mumbai by standing at the Mumbai railway station. People were inspired to reduce the burden on us in Maharashtra and go. You are from Uttar Pradesh, you are from Bihar, spread corona there … You have committed such a great sin. An atmosphere of great chaos was created. You have put our working brothers and sisters in a lot of trouble. ‘

‘Buses from Delhi and left half way’
PM Modi also lashed out at the Arvind Kejriwal government in Delhi, saying, “The government in Delhi at that time tied a mic to a jeep, turned a car into a slum in Delhi and told the people – the crisis is huge. Go to the village, go home. Buses were provided to go from Delhi. Leaving halfway through caused trouble for the workers. Because of this, in UP, in Uttarakhand, in Punjab, which is not so intense, because of this sin, Corona took her in her arms there too.

“They feared that India would not be able to fight such a big war.”
Questioned by the opposition during the Koro period in the Lok Sabha, Modi said, “In the last two years, the biggest global epidemic crisis in a hundred years has been faced by all mankind in the world. Those who have tried to understand India based on the suspicion that India has a past – that, such a huge country has such a huge population, such as diversity, these habits, this nature. Maybe this India will not be able to fight a big war. India alone will not be able to save. That’s his thoughts but what was the situation today. India is the most effective in making Kovid vaccines in the world. Today in India almost 100% is close to the first dose. The second dose almost 80 percent also completed its stop.

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