The issue of employment is the most important issue for all political parties during elections. Political parties try to win over millions of young people and their families through this issue. The issue of government jobs has become the most important in view of the rising unemployment rate in the country. There are currently elections in Uttar Pradesh and the Yogi government has claimed that they have given government jobs to 5 lakh youth during their tenure. In addition, more than three and a half lakh youth and women have been employed as contract workers. On the other hand, the Rajasthan government has claimed to provide more than 1 lakh government jobs.

The Uttar Pradesh government gave 5 times more government jobs than Rajasthan
If we look at the employment figures, we find that Yogi Adityanath, the Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh, gave 5 times more government jobs than the Chief Minister of Rajasthan, Ashok Gehlot. Yogi government has given most jobs in education and police department. The Yogi government made two major recruitments in basic education.

Recruitment to these positions
First recruited 68,000 teachers while later recruited 69,000 more teachers. Along with this 17,000 secondary teachers and 365 vacancies in technical education were also recruited. In all, more than 1.5 lakh government jobs were given in the education department alone. While Ashok Gehlot government has appointed 26,000 teachers of REIT 2018, 5000 posts of school lecturers, 9000 posts of senior teachers, 4400 posts of PTI and 700 posts of librarians. Thus, the Gehlot government has given appointments to a total of 45100 posts in the education department.

The Gehlot government gave 5527 jobs in the police department while the Yogi government gave 1 lakh 25 jobs
In Rajasthan, Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot has made only two recruitments in the police department in the current tenure. 5,000 police constables and 527 sub-inspectors were recruited. While Yogi Adityanath’s government gave jobs to 1 lakh 25 youths in police. In addition to filling the 35,000 vacancies left by the previous government, two major recruitments were carried out. The first time 41 thousand policemen were recruited while the second time 49 thousand posts were recruited.

See the jobs offered by Ashok Gehlot in the current tenure here

  1. IAS Recruitment 2018 – 1057 Vacancies
  2. REET-2018 – Recruitment of 26,000 posts
  3. PTI-2018 – Recruitment of 4400 posts
  4. Librarian Recruitment 2018 – 700 vacancies
  5. School Lecturer Recruitment 2018 – 5,000 vacancies
  6. Senior Teacher Recruitment 2018 – 9,000 vacancies
  7. Livestock Assistant Recruitment 2018 – 2077 vacancies
  8. LDC Recruitment 2018 – 13,000 vacancies
  9. Women Supervisor Recruitment 2018- 250 Vacancies
  10. Agriculture Supervisor Recruitment 2018 – 1832 posts
  11. Nursing Recruitment 2018 – 12,000 vacancies
  12. JEN Recruitment 2020 – Recruitment of 1098 posts
  13. Radiographer and Lab Technician Recruitment 2018 – 3,000 posts
  14. Rajasthan Police Recruitment 2019 – 5,000 vacancies
  15. Sub Inspector Recruitment 2018 – 527 posts
  16. ASO Recruitment 2018 – 250 vacancies
  17. CHO Recruitment 2020 – 7810 posts
  18. Laboratory Assistant Recruitment 2018 – 1200 vacancies

Apart from this, the Gehlot government made appointments in some departments by making small recruitments. In such a situation, about 1 lakh candidates have been given government jobs.

Check out the jobs offered by Yogi Adityanath Sarkar of Uttar Pradesh here

  1. Recruitment for 1,37,000 vacancies in basic education
  2. Recruitment for 17,000 posts in Secondary Education Department
  3. Recruitment for 1 lakh 25 thousand posts in Police Department
  4. UP Public Service Commission – Recruitment for 27168 posts
  5. Recruitment for 29927 posts by Uttar Pradesh Subordinate Selection Board
  6. Vacancies for 8556 posts in Medical, Health and Family Welfare Department
  7. Recruitment to 6446 posts by UUPPCL
  8. Recruitment for 4988 posts in Higher Education
  9. Recruitment for 700 posts in Urban Development Department
  10. Recruitment of 3309 posts in Irrigation and Water Resources Department
  11. Recruitment for 365 posts in Technical Education
  12. Recruitment for 726 posts in Cooperative Department
  13. Recruitment for 614 posts in Finance Department
  14. Recruitment for 2059 posts in Agriculture Department
  15. Recruitment for 1112 posts in Medical Education Department
  16. Recruitment for 1065 posts in AYUSH department

Yogi Sarkar is four years old, this figure is the highest number of jobs given in 2021
These figures are for the four-year tenure of the Yogi government. In the year 2021 also more than 1 lakh government jobs were given. In such a situation, about 5 lakh youths were given government jobs. In addition, more than 28 contract workers were involved in the National Health Mission. It is said that about 3.5 lakh youths and women were given jobs on contract basis.

Report – Ramaswaroop Lamore

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