Social networks, such as Instagram and Facebook, have become a powerful tool for businesses to get closer to their potential consumers and boost their sales. Brands know that in Spain they have access to 27 million users between the ages of 17 and 70 who have profiles on these platforms, the report said.

Study of Social Networks 2021 published by the World Association of Communications, Advertising and Digital Marketing IAB Spain. In addition, according to Hootsuite, 78% of the companies that use them sell more than those that don’t. But not just any strategy.

According to experts, it is necessary to know on which platforms It is useful to be present and, above all, to know how to distinguish yourself from the competition.

What can be promoted on social networks?

All kinds of goods and services are promoted on social networks, but Alba Prieto, head of paid campaigns at the Reprise agency, points out that on Instagram and Facebook, the two main products that generate the most interactions are products belonging to the field of fashion , beauty products and leisure.

However, other sectors, such as the automotive or real estate sector, are gaining ground, which are also able to promote their products and services on these platforms, explains Nacho Marti, director of audience analysis and social networks at the marketing group Digital Rebold . And it gives an idea: campaigns that redirect to the dealer’s page to book a test drive of a vehicle at the dealership.

In which social networks should you be present?

Every social network attracts different groups of people. That is why it is important to know them in order to assess where it is convenient to manage an account. Currently, Instagram is the main channel that users use to search for information before purchasing a product, followed by YouTube, Facebook the most popular social network and Twitter.

TikTok, one of the most recent platforms, has experienced blazing rapid growth in recent years, especially in 2020, due to the situation caused by the pandemic.

Today there are already three million followers in Spain and by its very nature it allows users to share short, viral videos on other networks such as Instagram and YouTube. “If you sell beauty, fashion or tourism products, your platform is Instagram. While, if your sector is leisure, TikTok is the ideal network,” Prieto says.

Given the benefits that so-called social selling (sales through social networks) brings to companies, there is a major disadvantage, which according to Martí lies in the enormous competition that exists within each network.

It competes not only with industry brands through video, text or image format publications, but also with those of users. “This is an opportunity for not-so-big brands to take over a space if they analyze their target audience well and know how to appeal,” she says.

How to stand out on social media?

Paid advertising, user-generated content, and direct messaging are three strategies that help businesses capture users’ attention.

1. Paid Ads: Advertising to Stand Out

Social networks allow you to reach customers with traditional advertising. They use the data provided by the users of the platform and their daily activities to show them personalized advertisements. In this way, the advertiser benefits, as the effectiveness of the ads is guaranteed, and the user, because he receives ads related to his interests.

Martí points out that these tools use an algorithm in which they reward the most relevant content to the consumer, with the aim of appearing in the top positions, which also affects the ad content. “This implies a lot of competition between advertisers. The platforms will spread more forcefully the post that gets the most visits, longest consumption time and lowest fast bounce rate.

2. User Generated Content

Businesses can share content generated by other social network users if they mention it or have a relationship with them. For example, retweeting something voluntarily posted by a user, posting a story from another internet user on Instagram, or sharing an image on Facebook. According to the market engineering platform Stackla, consumers are 2.4 times more likely to find user-generated content more credible than content created by the brand itself. TikTok also encourages businesses on its website to grow their brands through creative content. So the chances of success will be higher the more the content of the brands resembles the one that users generate.

3. One-to-one messaging

The most direct form of communication with consumers is conversation, and social networks can be used as an effective communication service. Customer support through private messages. Prieto warns that if the company does not resolve users’ doubts and questions, there is a risk that the conversion funnel will be blocked, the process a user goes through from the moment they decide to make a purchase until they consume it. If customer questions are delayed or if solutions are not provided, the opportunity to retain customers is lost.

How much should be invested in social networks?

Prieto explains that the investment varies according to the reach of the audience to be reached and the prices of each action within each platform, so the experts do not rush to offer figures. But for a national mass-market introduction, Reprise’s head of paid campaigns recommends investments starting at 30,000 euros.

However, Facebook allows campaigns from five euros per week. For example, for a small business that is new to the market and wants to make itself known, it may be enough to spend $10 every week on advertising, the company advises. marketing of RockContent.

Can you buy on a social network?

Social platforms don’t work like online stores where users do everything the purchase process, including the payment transaction. However, Facebook has a web marketplace – a space known as marketplace publishing advertisements for the sale of goods and services, both for businesses and individuals; Instagram offers features that allow internet users to purchase the photos and videos a brand publishes on the platform.

But while brands can post all of their products in what Instagram calls their “store,” there’s still no option to shop without leaving the app. And TikTok partnered with Shopify in late 2020 to explore the possibility of businesses selling on the platform.

The benefits of influencers

The influencers are social network users who can attract many internet users and act as opinion leaders and prescribers. For this reason, many brands are launched to hire them with the aim of boosting their sales.

The main advantage is that the advertiser reaches a specific audience: “It achieves closeness and trust and thus more credibility and authenticity, through a person who has formed a community that passes on values ​​by generating content,” he states. Ana Moreno, Director of Content at marketing and communication technology agency Rebold.

Before teaming up with an influencer, this expert recommends doing a preliminary analysis to verify that this person is a good fit for the brand’s interests. To do this, emphasizes Moreno, it is necessary to ensure that its publications and its language are in line with the company’s discourse, if it collaborates with other brands and, above all, to detect whether it has false or inactive followers and therefore, if it says it has more impact than it actually is. After running a campaign with influencers, you need to access the statistics to assess their impact.

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