MumbaiThe issue of hijab row, which started in Karnataka, has now reached Mumbai, the capital of Maharashtra. In fact, a college in Mumbai has even banned women from wearing burqas, scarves and burqas. MMP Shah College in Matunga area of ​​the country’s economic capital has been banned. The college is run by SNDT University. The ban is not written orally but is recorded on the college’s website and their prospectus. In which it is clearly written that you cannot enter the college campus wearing burqa, dupatta and burqa.

Mukhfat also started in Mumbai
After the hijab controversy in Karnataka, now the students studying in this college in Mumbai have also started mentioning this to their families. Opposition to this arbitrary law of the college is now being seen in Mumbai as well. Now the families of the students have started informing the people’s representatives about this law of the college. He has also sought their intervention in the matter.

In this regard, when the team of Navbharat Times Online spoke to Samajwadi Party MLA Raees Sheikh, he said that the college should remove such restrictions from its college prospects and website. He said that no college should have any objection against the dress of any religion. “We will fight a legal battle if it is not removed immediately,” he warned. He has also written a letter to the Home Minister seeking action in this regard.

What did the college principal say?
College principal Leena Raje told Navbharat Times Online that her intention was not to make fun of any religion. He said there have been incidents of molestation of girls in recent years. Where naughty youths came to the college campus wearing masks or veils and teasing the students. We have made this rule for the safety of the students after this incident. Our purpose behind making this rule is only to keep the students’ faces visible to each other so that no untoward incident takes place. “There is no possibility of repealing this rule because we are not doing it for any wrong purpose,” he said.

What is the hijab controversy
The controversy started at the Government PU College for Women in Udipi, Karnataka. While the students were prevented from entering the campus wearing hijab in the college. After which the young women considered this decision of the college as arbitrary and applied to the High Court against this decision. The students also boycotted in protest of the decision. Violent incidents and stoning incidents have also been reported in many places in this case. However, the police managed to control the situation in time.

Has the Muslim-majority country banned the hijab?
Kosovo (since 2009), Azerbaijan (since 2010), Tunisia (since 1981, partially raised in 2011) and Turkey (gradually raised) are among the Muslim-majority countries that have established public schools and universities or government buildings. Hijab is banned. Syria and Egypt have banned face masks from universities since July 2010 and 2015, respectively. On the other hand, hijab / burqa is mandatory by law in Aceh province of Iran, Afghanistan and Indonesia. Hijab is not mandatory in Indonesia, Malaysia, Morocco, Brunei, Maldives and Somalia.

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