Bangalore: The Karnataka High Court on Friday said it had sought a report from the state government on the role of radical organizations behind the hijab controversy. The court is hearing Ghanshyam Upadhyay’s plea. The petitioner has requested the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) and the National Investigation Agency (NIA) to investigate the controversy that erupted last month in the coastal district headquarters city of Udupi and spread to other parts of Karnataka. “We have already sought a report from the government and we will look into your issues,” Chief Justice Rituraj Awasthi told Upadhyay’s lawyer Subhash Zane.

A full bench of Justice Awasthi, Justice JM Kazi and Justice Krishna S Dixit has been hearing the case on a daily basis since February 10. Appearing before the bench, Zhao said that the ongoing movement to force him to attend class wearing hijab was carried out by some radical organizations which are funded by some other countries. Zhao said that such a large movement could not be formed overnight, so if the movement was motivated (sponsored by others) and certainly motivated, it would be funded by some organization, as it could not start all of a sudden. This is an evil plan.

So far no investigation has been carried out by CBI or NIA
The Chief Justice wants to know whether he has released any material which shows that there is a hand of some organizations and people behind this movement. Zai said that while the court was hearing the petitions, Bajrang Dal activist Harsh was killed and the name of a fundamentalist organization came up. Justice Awasthi then said that it was not appropriate to reach a conclusion while the investigation was pending, adding that the police were doing their job.

“Unless the police come up with something out of the ordinary and say that it is an organization involved in the murder of a person, we cannot make such an assumption,” the chief justice said. Urging Zane to refrain from making any assumptions, the Chief Justice said that wherever there is a problem, the administration is taking appropriate action. “We cannot give the impression that the case has been handed over to CBI or NIA for investigation,” Justice Awasthi said.

Demand to call the Home Ministry
Zhao requested the court to summon the Union Home Ministry, which is the party. He said the home ministry should be allowed to submit a report to say that there is such a heinous structure. In his respective argument, Senior Advocate Professor Ravi Verma Kumar, who was present for the girls opposing the hijab ban, said that the College Development Committee headed by MLAs should not have administrative powers in the government colleges of their respective constituencies. He said the legislators have been given full powers. The MLAs have been decorated in a plate and given to the college. Legislators sit like kings in college and have no responsibilities. Suppose if there are any financial irregularities and the committee appears to be involved then who will investigate.

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