Ahmedabad: The Probationary Youth Development Officer of Valsad District of Gujarat organized a speech competition for the students of the school on the theme ‘My Role Model – Nathuram Godse’. There has been a lot of controversy over the matter, after which the officer has been suspended. The matter came to light on Wednesday after local newspapers in Valsad district published reports claiming that a student had won an oratory competition on the topic ‘My Role Model – Nathuram Godse’.

Mitaben Gawli, probationary class-2 district youth development officer of Valsad district, was immediately suspended after action was assured by Harsh Sanghvi, Minister of State for Sports, Youth and Cultural Activities. Sanghvi said in Gandhinagar, “I have ordered an inquiry into this incident. We will take action against the culprits. An order was issued to suspend Gawli within a few hours.

In which 11-13 year old children participated
The order said that the officer should have taken special care in choosing the subject for the speech competition to be held on February 14 in a private school by the Valsad office of the department. The competition was open to primary school students in the age group of 11 to 13 years from all over Valsad district. The suspension order states, “In the district level competition held on 14 February, school children were given three subjects to choose from. One of the themes given by Gawli was ‘My Role Model – Nathuram Godse’. As well as ‘I just like birds flying in the sky’ and ‘I’ll be a scientist but not go to America’. As were the other two subjects.

The subject was chosen by Gawli, the official said.
The suspension order issued by the department’s deputy secretary Deepak Patel said that when the department sought information from Valsad district primary education officer BD Baria, he told the department that Gawli had chosen the subjects and speech competition. I informed the primary schools by letter. After the controversy started, the management of the private school clarified that they only planned the event and did not organize it.

The school has blown up too, we have nothing to do
Kusum Vidyalaya administrator Archana Desai said, “We gave our school space to the department for organizing this competition. Not only the subject but also the decision makers for the competition were selected by the Valsad District Office.

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