The body of a youth was found on Friday morning near Rico Road Mama Ji temple in Jalor Kotwali police station area of ​​Rajasthan. Initial reports said the teenager was killed in the attack. Police on Friday arrested three accused in connection with the murder case.

The youth was informed by calling 108 ambulance
According to the information received, a youth called 108 ambulance on Friday morning and informed about the injured youth. Police and 108 rushed to the spot as soon as the incident was reported. The injured youth was brought to the hospital, but by then he was dead. The deceased has been identified as Indra Purohit, a resident of Bhagali. Kotwali police have taken the murder case seriously and have arrested three accused so far.

Fighting if the transaction is disrupted
According to information received, Indra Purohit was working with Jitu Parihar’s gang, a resident of Jalor, but due to a dispute in the transaction, a fight broke out between Jitu Parihar and Indra Purohit in the last few days. For this reason, Jitu Parihar called Indra Purohit to his garage near Mamaji temple on Thursday night. Indra along with other comrades in the garage beat Purohit, beating him with sticks and stones so much that he lost his breath.

The accused left the young man outside the garage at night.
The clothes of the accused were also soaked in blood. The accused fled the scene after uttering insults outside the garage at night. At around 6 in the morning, the accused called 108 ambulance and informed about the injured youth, but by then Indra had stopped breathing.

Clothes for Ahor
The accused, who escaped at night, were traveling in a rural area without taking the number plate of the car. Their clothes were soaked with blood, the accused were trying to hide somewhere in the hilly area by taking some clothes from Ahor area in the morning. By then, the Kotwali police team had arrested all the three accused. The three accused have been identified as Jitu Parihar, Ganpat and Amra. Another accused is also wanted.

(Reporting by Dilip Dudi)

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